Free College education should be available to every American citizen. A college education is the doorway and prevention of poverty. A college education for everyone will pave the way for a better society; America will have the responsibility of determining what kind of society she wants to represent her visions. America does not need the Anglo Saxon model of human placement, everyman in his place and a place for everyman. America does not need an Upstairs Downstairs Remains of the Day European model used for hundreds of years by England and Germany to either separate people into classes or burn the unfit in ovens. America prefers instead to us the Scott Irish model of giving everyman a chance to do what is best for himself, and for the group as a whole. Free college education benefits the individual and benefits the society. Governing Dynamics is the term used in economics; it adjusts the ideas of capitalism to benefit everyone. Free colleges would provide the country with the doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, engineers, firemen, policemen and public servants educated to give the best service to all people. Children will no longer be automatically failed in public school based on zip code, color of skin and language skills, the government will set a common standard for all citizens.

We can be a better people, we can act and behave better towards each other, how we think and act should not be determined by the street but by the seat in a free college. Why would the richest nation in the world have homeless people preferring to live in the street rather than with families or in shelters? Many of our homeless are educated, military experienced, post- traumatic distressed individuals, lacking the ability to live in complex societies with complex rules of behavior and expectations. Can we have some of our education systems develop curriculums for teaching and understanding altered ways of thinking that appears to be epidemic in our nation.

The government owns and operates enough public colleges and universities to be able to provide a free and quality college education to all of its citizens. Education prevents poverty and, education also prevents violence. During the 20th century, college education was free, requiring only a grade of 85 for admittance. Immigrants took advantage of this free information and the colleges and universities were filled with immigrants coming in from Europe to escape oppression, and refugees coming from America’s own southern states know for the oppression of African Americans.

Almost 9 million African refugees migrated out of the south and filled the northern public schools and colleges. The large Jewish immigration, in New York City benefited from this free education, and the entire public college system in New York City was designed to address the needs of this population. I remember attending the City College in New York City and learning that the A grades were for the Jewish boys, the B grades were for the Jewish girls and the C grades were reserved for the African Americans who dared to enter into the process.

The free public City College benefited the community; the best and the brightest were in college preparing for the better jobs, and the opportunity to lift themselves and families out of poverty. The public school in New York City prior to 1970 were excellent and prepared students for the world of work and higher education, devastating changes to the system resulted in a dumb down theology of education, charging for government services and a decline in the communities.

The neighborhood public school abandoned its faith in teaching students and instead defined the student by social economical and racial factors. The state permitted a curriculum for teacher education, which directly stated that minorities were inferior and Europeans were superior in all ability areas. Teachers were informed before they entered the classroom that they would be teaching an incompetent population, and therefore to expect failure. Racism destroyed the New York City education system; the second-generation immigrants, whose parents benefited from the same system, taught this time the racism. It is now important to get the American back into the Colleges and universities, and return to free college education for all high school graduates.

The cost factor to the university would not be significant, the wisdom comes from the professors hired to teach students, and professors were not paid high salaries. This makes it difficulty to determine where the need for such high student tuitions and massive student loans. First we must get the student ready for college, the public school are not participating in this process, it is the intent of this essay to give a heads up to adults interested in obtaining a college education, and also to provide some information background for churches deciding to return to the tradition of getting the minority student in through and out of college.

Going to college is a transformational spiritual act; you must prepare yourself for this spiritual experience. If you are an adult returning to school after years away from this experience it may seem difficult, after you adjust to the spirituality of the whole experience you will feel right at home. You must prepare yourself for this experience, it will be the journey of your life; you will and should fall in love.

The feeling of new life and awareness should come over you as you open up the areas of your being and sensitive frailties to take in new awareness. This is the process by which you are on your way to becoming a transformed being. When you enter the college classroom, it is not the son or daughter of someone, or the wife or husband, you drop your external roles at the crossover sill and enter as a spiritual being, ready for your own experience.

If you are returning to school for your friends, they will not notice or care; if you are returning for your family, they will resent your stealing valuable time from their self centered world, and think you are selfish. They have placed you in a certain role and expect you to remain in that role for the rest of your life. They will resent the confusions you cause them by redefining yourself. If they consider you the family failure or the one least likely to succeed, change could be upsetting. If you are the servant of the family whose role it is to be available for others with no important program of your own, going to college will not be viewed as a positive for them. These are the subconscious obstacles that often cause individuals to drop out and return to old acceptable routines. Transformation is about change, and that change is spiritual and as such is between you and your creator. Do not permit other people define you or your existence, you owe them nothing but kindness and respect, but you must get on with your business.

If you enter for the race or good of mankind, they will resent you showing them up, and read your success as a condemnation of them and their life style inferring that they are failures and lazy. Family will sabotage your efforts; friends will consider you a traitor; your boss will feel you have too much time on your hand and will increase your work load, blocking your school hours, and even you yourself may on occasions doubt the validity of what you are doing. There are invisible factors within the universe designed to maintain the status quo and the familiar. Breaking out of the culture of poverty and making changes in social classes can only be achieved through education therefore the education system presents the greatest obstacles against itself. It is up to you to prepare with strategies to handle obstacles .as they appear. Beware of the tendency to sabotage your own progress. If you subconsciously believe that you are unworthy of success, you will find some way to fail or drop out of college, program a code within yourself to finish the task, you are worthy of your success.

The best advice is to keep your own counsel, “see thou and tell no one” until you send out the invitations to the graduation. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and you may kill your own chances for success through your own mouth. As a public school teacher I learned that boys who live in challenging neighborhoods would refuse to carry school- books because they did not want to be attacked by the neighborhood kids. Challenging communities were my area of assignment as a government employee and recognizing this culture reality, study and homework time was provided during school hours so that the male students could keep up their grades and save face. I also provided parents with extra set of books that could be kept at home in order that students could study their way out of poverty.

As a college student, you must work out a plan to handle the many obstacles, and get ready for the greatest adventure of your life. You will work smarter, and you are more ready than high school graduates completing the thirteenth year of education. You bring maturity into the classroom with you, and that world knowledge will help you in social science courses such as psychology, sociology, political science, government, philosophy and religion. These are called the soft courses, all you have to do is listen to the professors, study the text, and, use some common sense. Get these soft courses out of the way before you take the hard courses, the courses in math, science and technology, where someone has to teach you new ways of thinking and methodologies. The hard courses are the money courses, and if you are interested in increasing your economical status, bite the bullet and study math, engineering, health care sciences and business management. You do not have to go to college to get a minimum wage job, if you are giving your time and money to an education career, make sure it translates into a change in your financial status when you finish.

College is about reading and writing, and reading for content, and writing in the form and style approved by your professors. Remember your thoughts mean nothing unless they are backed up by some writer or acknowledged authority in the field. Put your ego on the back burner, and develop a strategy for getting through and out of the institution, and the gatekeepers to the exit door are your professors.

Through the doors of the college walks your future, do not slow it down or mess it up because of you. Life is not fair, and all the obstacles you will encounter are in place to maintain the status quo. When you return to school you are stepping out of one stratified position to go into another. The American system is designed to keep people in their assigned places, you are preparing to change the rules and the players, and it will be exciting.












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