The Four Freedoms and becoming the Beloved Country. The brave and learned men who fought intellectually and physically to develop this nation were not interested in giving man the right to verbally offend his neighbor or the right to shoot his neighbor. The rights centered on how to protect a free people from a powerful system. The Founding Fathers did not want another England or Europe. They wanted the right to gather and express feelings and the right not to have a foreign Church force one religion on all of the people. What has developed, over the years, is offensive speech, neighbor shooting neighbor and the decline of religion in general. It is time to re read our Bible and our Constitution with some understanding.

Man needs his myths and his religions, he also needs a set of agreed upon rules to live by in a social society. The mouth can be a violent instrument causing changes in the brain and behaviors resulting in violence by and towards others. Our right to free speech gives us the right to address goverment without punishment, not the right to give our boss and contents of our mind.

 America is intended to be the Beloved Community. America was called into being by God to be a special kingdom on earth a kingdom where all mankind could live as brothers regardless of their historical backgrounds or environmental differences.
The men given this vision were inspired by God to lay down the curriculum and instructions for this new kingdom, and it was designed to be a kingdom without a king. There have been many attempts at kingdom building over the centuries. Each has been successful in its own way, and each has failed over time.
The story of creation as related in the major religions of the world, Judaism, Christian and Islam; in mythology and allegory tells the story of man in his struggle to know his god to find his place in the world. Abraham, the father of modern religious thought selects Elohim as his God for directions. The Egyptians select Aganaton, the Romans selected Apollo and the Greeks selected Zeus. America selected the founding fathers for focus and direction.
The Beloved Community relates to the under standing of thought and action behaviors  or what some call “Moral psychology” a study in both philosophy and psychology. Some use the term “moral psychology” the study of moral development. Still others include any topics relating to ethics of the mind and behavior as influenced by psychology and philosophy. Discussions in the field include topics of are moral judgment, moral reasoning, moral responsibility, moral development, moral character, altruism, psychological egoism, and moral disagreement. These topics all relate to how human beings interact with each other throughout history. Is man relating to each other in the manner, likeness and character of his God, or has he created a belief system of God in his own animalistic image? The struggles, which this new country has gone through is a quest to answer these questions.
According to scientific data, man as a homosapien species, orignated in an area of the world named Africa by the Romans, almost 2 millions years ago.Historical geography uses several names for the area, and the Torah, the Bible and the Koran uses still others such as Caanan Biblical history has him appearing somewhere in the northern parts of African and in joining areas of the Middle East.Sacred scripture, follows the story of one man, one family, one God and one nation and builds the foundation of faith based on the genetic lineage of this one man. Who he was or was not is not known, but his travels through the fourcorners of the earth caused environmental changes in in skin, hair and culture. Environment influenced behaviors, culture and beliefs, it appears that the continent of Africa was suportive enough to give rise to the civilizations or living systems, which spread all over the world.
As man left the Egypt of his birth, he carried with him the seeds of advancement to be planted in areas all over the globe, and in time and circumstances would grow into the civilizations of the modern world. America the symbolic example of the modern world has benefited from the seed carriers traveling thousands of miles and thousands of years to reach this promised land. They had to fight the bees for their honey, and convince large animals to give up their fluids and life to sustain them, but they were able to make a new promised life for themselves. The peopling of the new world had begun, and the process of becoming the Beloved Community was still to be. Whole peoples and cultures would transported from worlds and cultures vastly different from this land stolen under the sun.

The recorded introduction of the African to the British North American colonies occurred in a part of the south known as Jamestown Virginia, they came as indentured servants. After serving the agreed upon period of indenture, they were able to gain their freedom, and were able to make fortunes for themselves, many became slave owners. The record of how and why these men decided to enter into a period of indenture leave their homeland and start a new life in a new part of the world is yet to be told.
African explorers were in the Americas before Columbus, and many returned to their native lands with stories of a land with endless possibilities. The drive to explore his world has always been in the hearts of man especially those with the skills of shipbuilding and ocean navigation. The Romans and the Greeks likes to stay within the known world and oppress the poor and the weak.
The children of the Biblical Old and New Testament, especially the Hebrews preferred to walk to their destinations or maybe take small fishing boats out still staying close to familiar shores; there were however, more adventurous Vikings, Egyptians and Chinese. Our Biblical stories did not produce an adventurous spirit from people who had selected a God who kept them in a condition of benevolent bondage for thousands of years. Of course living in and near a desert, surrounded by talking mountains and no exposure to the oceans of the world would tend to limit the expansion of the mind to endless possibilities.
The ocean gods call man to want to explore the unknown. The land gods, such as those selected by the land and desert peoples of the Bible, required man to stand his ground, and never challenge their god or His world.
Man was indeed forbidden to even think of going near the tree of knowledge and adventure. Three of the world’s major religions are founded on the principle that the cause of sin in the world is the result of man’s disobedience and touching the tree of knowledge.
Cultures permitted man to walk and talk with his gods permitted men to explore the vast territories created by the one supreme being, especially the Egyptian, Vikings and Chinese enabling them to become great ship builders and world explorers. Speculation about new worlds and new adventures could have motivated second sons left out of royal inheritance to try their luck in a new world.
These men would have easily consented to sign themselves over to indenture for a select period of time with the possibility of being able to make their own fortune and future in distance lands. In most world cultures, inheritance and leadership roles were passed down to the first born, leaving the remaining sons with resentment and frustration, but also with the wealth necessary to start a new life in a new place. These were the 16 Africans arriving in Virginia in 1619, men who voluntarily got into boats destined to a new world to do a new thing.
Life will find a way, and these men, finding themselves in the company of other bondsmen and women, shipped by England to serve the needs of the new world, created relationships and families, which became the foundation of what was later to become the United States of America.

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