Egypt Must Step Forth And Lead Africa To Her Peace And Greatness.

The conflict between Israel and the Palestines cannot be solved by Europe or America, it is African in history and culture, and that history has been removed or distorted by those seeking to change the course of the world. We know nothing about African culture. 

Israel holds a Biblical deed to African land- but want to claim birth rights, not as Africans, but as Europeans. Biblical whiteness gives  some men the right to the best of everything. The Bible however, is African, and there is no place for discussion to take place. America wants her military bases, and the safety and security of Israel and her people. The United Nations and the world wants peace and justice for all. The Bible and European history gets in the way of the future.

 Christians have translated the Bible through European  hisory and belief systems and Christian culture and traditions are not welcomed in Africa. The history and concept of Jesus, The Christ, comes from the African spirit and soil, but Christianity does not.

Christianity is about who in included and who are excluded, Jesus however, welcomes all to a seat at God’s table- large enough to handle us all.

It is time for this conflict in the middle east between Israel and Palestine to be handled by Africans. It is an ancient African problem and should be handled by Africans, not Europeans or Americans.

Egypt would be the Earliest and best representative of Africa in this situation. Stolen history about the world can be found in Egypt.

Biblical literature mentions Egypt and the education and life giving source for early human kind. Moses was educated and came out of Egypt to lead a great people and start a great religion. Abraham ventured to Egypt in times of stress and need.

The mother of the Arab nations, Hagar, came out of Egypt and carried Ishmael, the seed of Abraham, establishing the lineage between Israel and the Middle East forever. Isaac and Ishmael, brothers of the same seed of Abraham, must find a way to control the Cain and Abel of their nature and not sacrifice anyone. God has not been too helpful in fraternal conflicts- it is time for the almighty to rethink His game plan- and make it clearer for those struggling to live right through understanding.

The entire sacred Bible is the history of North Africa and the Middle East, and Egypt is the historical leading factor in North Africa. The past 2,000 years have concentrated on changing the color, face and reality of history, and create a world, where the minority justifies the submission of the majority through mind altering scripture and belief systems validating the inferiority of one group and the superiority of a chosen group.

This was done through the whiteness of God and a religious belief, which suggested that the closest to whiteness an individual was the more powerful and valued. White is not a god, and the European god of whiteness. God is not a God of color or selectivity; all are the same in the mind of the creator. When all the dust has settled and the parties involved have turned down the flames of who God has or has not chosen, Pope Francis, a man of God and scripture could call together leading Biblical scholars and do some Bible fixing, and until that is done. God is still on the job and still speaking to His people; it is time to listen to what is being said for the 21st century.

Darkwah writes “Judaism is the African way of life. Judaism was the religion developed in Africa by African people. It was adopted and adapted in a similar fashion to the Yoruba Orisha worship (Vodoun, Santeria, Lacumi, Condomble, etc) and is still being co-opted and altered by non-Africans today. To speak of an African influence on Judaism is like speaking of an African influence on Orisha Worship. It is not an African influence. It is still African and represents an African way of life.”

“Along with Cheikh Anta Diop, Alex Darkwah also traces Ancient Egypt to geographical Africa.  Darkwah has DNA on his side; whereas,Diopused archeological artifacts, culture, and documentary text to prove his research.”  “He was still challenged by “Europe”  and his findings were labeled “untrue” by the scientific world.  Darkwah proves that Africans wrote the Bible even though your personal “King James” Version of the Bible may have pages laced with White Greek characters and distributed throughout the world.” 

“The word Israel itself is an Akan word (Ghana). Darkwah points to the story of Jacob in Genesis 32:24-29, where the angel renames Jacob calling him Asrae or the European version, Israel. Asrae, Darkwah declares, is not the name of a nation, but instead means “the first one who visited.”


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