There is a difference in the educational interaction of recent high school graduates, and adults returning to the class rooms after a persiod of absence for a number of years. Both groups must adjust to the change in expectation from the college or university. Adults may not have patience with 18 year old with no idea of the college experience, and the 18 year old will not have patience with the adult who may or not understand the newest technology and newest method of information delivery. Both groups however, will be studying and learning in the same environment. Some schools have special adult education departments where some students may feel more comfortable. The work will be the same regardless if you are 18 or 80 and the expectations from the professors will be the same. Select one discipline from the list below, and plan to take between 18 and 24 credits in that particular subject. This discipline will be considered your area of specialization. Always inclued some money course in your degree plan.

This is part of our series Getting In Through and Out of College.


You are in for the biggest shock of your life, all of those stupid things you did in your early years were sent on to meet you at this stage of development. You will discover “your record” this record consist of everything any teacher has said about you concerning your potential, progress and purpose. Hope and pray it was good and positive, if it was not, do some fence mending to repair any damage to your image. If you are a screw up, you are not going to make it through the independent stage of college.

If you are angry at life, college is an opportunity to turn that anger into achievement. Remember the best revenge is success; college takes you into another world, your world, private, personal and powerful. Remember the government guarantees you an education up until high school, and pay teachers to force you to sit for that education. After eighteen, you are on your own, no one will force you to attend college, and professors will not argue with you about your feelings on issues. Behavior and attitude are different in college.

Common sense will not get you through the college system. You need at least an IQ of 120 to get through college, so if you have been playing the “dumb jock or bunny” bit for your friends, it is time to smarten up. If you are short a few IQ points, make them up through reading and intellectual experiences. In other words find some smart people and socialize with them.

Associate with the best and leave the rest, gangs do not make it in college, and you about to enter the best and most important days of your life. Birth does not determine success in America, education does. Education is the equalizing force that has moved America to greatness. You may enter college in rags, but you have an opportunity to create a new life for yourself your family and your future. College is the chance to mold, develop and create the American dream; thousands of individuals would love to come here and get this transformational experience.

Education has transformed slaves, black and white, indentured servants, black and white, convicts and settlers, Ellis Island immigrants, and world immigrants into doctors, lawyers, engineers, financial managers, nurses, teachers, senators, congressmen and president. America’s greatest achievement is the African American, today the wealthiest most educated group of color on earth, and an inspiration to many developing countries. This was achieved through opportunity and the college experience. Millions of students of color enter and graduate from the colleges and universities all over the country, this is your chance, don’t mess it up.

         Treat your teachers with respect; you will need them for recommendations

Respect means at times, keeping your opinions to your self, and not taking your personal problems out on any one else. Learn to make friends, your future starts in early childhood, pay attention and always aim for the goal of being an effective adult.

           The child is the father of the adult, so do not do anything in childhood, which can and will destroy the future of the adult seed inside of you.

Many adults have found himself sitting in a jail sell instead of a college classroom because of the behaviors of the child within who was his father. Life is a serious responsibility, take charge, and do not let the spoiled child in you destroy your future.

           Take the courses you do not like, but will provide you with the background to be accepted in college, or understand the information necessary to pass an entrance examination for college admission.

             No one will force you do the right thing; your success is determined by the degree to which you want a future that is not related to poverty and struggle. Associate with people and things that will lead you to where you want to go. Your associates influence and determine where you are going and what your future will be. Give thanks to God and your parents for giving your life.

The socio-economic circumstances into which you were born had nothing to do with you unless you internalize it as your identity. If the people who fell in love were poor, and they produced a child, that child will be born poor.

Your parents did not determine your future; they just presented you with life. As soon as the age of reason and responsibility reveals itself in you, take charge of your life. The awakening and awareness comes at different ages and different stages.

Usually by the age of twelve, a child has come into some understanding of who he is and what limitations or advantages are his or hers by virtue of their birth and economic class. It is also around this time where an understanding of intellectual abilities began to develop; if you are smart, then the future can be bright depending on what you do with that smartness. If you are not smart, there is no problem, you will not know it, and life will guide you to your destiny.

Do not get in your own way and make the struggles of life a difficult challenge. Make your peace with the world, you are going to need them, and look for angel guides who will come into your life and mentor you through the rough territory. Angels avoid kids with smart mouths and will not warn them about the mud holes they are about to fall into; follow your angel guide; he is the best friend you will ever need. If your are winning in your battle against authority and adults, this will be your only win, you must learn to submit – to a higher power – and wining is the name of the game.

             In America, the public schools are the entry and preparation ground for establishing a solid foundation for life. Depending on the parenting skills of your mother, you are ready to submit to the authority of your teachers.

You can submit to authority and complete the required course work, or you can do what you want, and return later in life, when your adult brain starts to work and take a GED and struggle to get back on the track offered to you in high school, no one will care except you.

If your neurological wiring is off, you will have many challenges, and those challenges are not in the goals of this presentation. If however, you are wired for success, do not mess up your life by trying to fight battles for which you have no skills.

             If you submit, take the units required in pre-college work regent approved courses; score reasonably well on the SAT, and you will be able to apply to most of the United States colleges and universities. Financial assistance is available for most American citizens. Most guidance counselors pay attention to students and college preparation and admission, but many do not. If you have been a general pain in the neck, prepare to be ignored and realize you wasted a lot of time alienating the people you need to help you.

You can live through difficult home problems; just survive; get an education and the power and ability will come to you to leave all your sad stories behind changing your life for the better. That is the secret and power of education in America.

Education is the major transforming agent in the country, it makes the weak strong and the poor rich, you just have to hang in and stick to a plan. If your family is poor and a little dysfunctional, find a church, not a store front church or a poor struggling church; find a prosperous progressive active church with programs and an active youth ministry, it is in the house of God that you will find the angels who will serve as mentors and guides.

Establish a good strong personal relationship with God and do the serious personal God talk about events and concerns in your life. It is time to talk to the guidance counselor of the school and make them aware that you are a serious student and you would appreciate help in deciding on a college to attend.

Take careful notes of everything that is said, and review back with the guidance counselor what you discussed for clarity. If possible, have the guidance counselor sign and communication or meetings attended and any decisions and or recommendations made.

Make friends with at least three teachers, they can help you with recommendations. This is not the time to show “off” or show strength, you need these people and they know you need them, and they can be vendictative.            



First get a large bookbinder, purchase enough lined paper to fill up half of the book. Get separation sections with pockets to hold material. Divide your book into three sections.


Part One

Getting Into College

           In this section include your high school transcripts, have five transcripts mailed to you and keep them sealed in the envelope. Pick up an unofficial transcript from your high school. Place this transcript in the first part of the binder. Place all awards and certificates you have received to date. Include and jobs you have held and any service awards for service to the community. Include a copy of your birth certificate and recent medical records. Ask your parents for copies of you vaccination records and make copies and return the original to your parents, put the copy in the binder in part one.

Gather all the invitations from local and out of town colleges and place them in the binder. Look over the colleges and rank them in order from 1 to 10, with one being the most favorite and 10 the least favorite. Look up on the Internet information about scholarship money in your state, include information on how to apply and pay attention to deadlines.

Who Am I?

Rewrite this essay 3 times, and place the third rewrite in the binder. Speak in terms of your strengths and determination and not about your problems and failures. This is not the time for humility and shyness, sell yourself, and sell good. Do not include any negative personal information in the essay; some things are between you, God and your mother, it is best to keep it that way. Give you intended school the best of you, and do not make the essay a pity party. The world does not care how many storms you encountered, they are interested in the fact, did you bring your ship in, and bring the ship in can mean getting accepted to a college regardless of the obstacles.

Do not spend time on pity parties, only the best and the brightest finish the race, and you are one of the best, sell that idea. Ask the smartest person in your family to proof read the essay, and make any corrections necessary. Make ten copies of the completed essay, and have them ready in the event requested. Make copies of everything you give the school or professors, papers get lost, if you send a copy over technology, make a hard copy for yourself and keep all hard copies in the large binders. Each term get a different binder and label all work completed. Always keep your syllabus in your binder. Type all papers and make sure you have them in or time. Ask friends or other students about different professors, determine within the first week in a professors class if the professors is the right fit for you.

Some professors may have preconceived expectations of some students from certain groups, if there is any feeling of lack of respect, change classes or sessions. Find out how a professors marks and what are the expectations.

New and inexperienced professors tend to mark hard and require extra heavy workload, try to avoid them during your first year. Some professors give test and some do not. Some professors want research papers and some do not. Some professors are interested in your opinion and some are not. It is up to you as the student to find the right fit for you. Find out if you work well with foreign professors and if they work well with you. Determine if you are gender specific when it comes to professors, there is a difference. Meaning some males do not do well with female professors. Minority professors or immigrant professors with issues can be difficult to satisfy and understand.

Do not get involved in the politics of the institution. Good classes and good professors have large classes. If a class has only a few students, then what is being served in the class may be difficult for you to digest. Professors have different categories, and information about the professor and his or her qualifications can be found in the back of the course bulletin.

Professors are like the teachers you have had throughout your primary school years; you have to work your way in and around some of them, there is a human factor in all professors and a specific characteristic, you want something from them, you want a fair evaluation and a fair grade. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to focus and pay attention to the political and social environments in college, especially with professors. There are different categories in colleges with respect to professors, and the category of a professor may determine his/her relationship in the institution and how students are treated. Professor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Instructor, Assistant and Adjunct are the different categories in some colleges and universities. Freshmen and incoming students are usually assigned classes taught by instructors.

The adjunct, plays a significant role in the college education process, and provides opportunities for student to be exposed to individuals bringing high levels of academic skills along with real world practicality experience.

Your course of study will determine whom you are assigned in your educational journey. Avoid the American poverty trap; American students will spend valuable time taking worthless degrees and end up owing large sums in student loans and able to secure employment at McDonalds or the local up-scaled restaurant after graduation.

You owe it to your parents to make a decent living for yourself, and making a living means taking some of the hated courses in science math and technology. The same energy it required to sell yourself to the admission officer is required to secure a position in the job market after graduation. Bite the bullet and use your electives to give you marketable skills. The money making courses and careers are engineering, health care, education, business management, computer programming.

Take your soft courses in psychology, art, literature, history and political science, you will enjoy them, but you will not make any money with a major in any of these areas. These are however, American favorite majors and areas of study. On your way to your soft subjects, look over and see who is going into the science and technology courses, and then take a guess who will be filling the jobs in the tech markets.

Your passion and your love could lead you in the direction of poverty, and it was not necessary to go to college to learn how to be poor.

America studies the past while China studies the future, sometime we need to learn to be a little Asian. This concept will be repeated over and over again through out this guide, it is in the opinion of this writer, a national security issue, and it America is going to continue to be the leader of the free world, she had better prepare her future for that leadership.

We have inspired the world to want more than poverty and doctrinal control, now that we have freed the minds of the people trapped behind the walls of poverty, we have to show them how to live out side of the caves, but first we must make sure our own students do not walk willingly into the caves of the past because of some romantic notion of reliving the glorious day of the past.

           Decide which college or university you would like to attend. If you are not ready to step out on your own, or if personal life situations are not unbearable, it is suggested that you apply to your local state colleges and universities. Scholarship, grants and special programs are available if you decide to study at a local educational facility. If however, this is your opportunity to move away from your historical experiences, and you are ready for the challenges of a new world and new experiences, then consider applying to accept applications for colleges far away from home.

Being away from home is a very stressful event, as much as you may hate your family, they are the only ones who are interested in you. Remember when you enter into a university in the outer world, you are a number identified by a student identification number or your social security number. If you need attention and validation, attend a local college.

Deadlines are important, and making sure all material requested is sent in a timely fashion. Include any acceptance letters received, and scholarship information awarded in the first section of the binder. Find out who is going to support you while you are in college, and who will feed you and house you. These facilities are available in out of town colleges, but make sure you know this information at least one year in advance.

Receive information, store information in binder, and then visit the college and decide first hand if the college is a fit or not. If this is your first time away from home, do not go to far the first two years; being home sick is a real condition, which many suffer with silently. Plan to make several trip home as often as you can, even if you hate your family, you will miss them terribly when you leave.

             College is different from high school, no one really cares if you attend class or do your work. You must become the captain of your own ship. No one will force you to study or attend class. You and your parents will pay for a course whether you attend or not.

What is college and what is the purpose of college?

          ” A liberal arts college is undergraduate study in the liberal arts and sciences.”

“Students in the liberal arts generally major in a particular area while receiving academic subjects, including sciences and the traditional humanities subjects. A “liberal arts” aimed at imparting general knowledge and developing general intellectual skills. In the United States of America undergraduate refers to those who are studying towards a bachelor’s degree. The most common method consists of four years of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), a Bachelor of Science (B.S.), or sometimes another bachelor’s degree such as Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.), Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.), Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs (B.S.P.A), or Bachelor of Philosophy (B.Phil.) Five-Year Professional Architecture programs offer the Bachelor of Architecture Degree (B.Arch.).”

            ” Degrees in law and medicine are not offered at the undergraduate level and are completed as graduate study after earning a bachelor’s degree. Medicine and law accepts any undergraduate major, medicine, however has set prerequisite science courses that must be taken before enrollment. Some students choose to attend a community college for two years prior to further study at another college or university. In states, community colleges are operated either by a division of the state university or by local special districts subject to guidance from a state agency. Community colleges award associate degrees of different types, some prepare students to transfer to four-year schools offering Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS)). Some two year colleges provide vocational skills and training for students wishing to enter into or advance in a profession. Students planning to continue their education may transfer to a four-year college or university and must go through traditional admissions process as those applying directly to the four-year institution.”





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