Design of Youth Programs

There is a need for the development of support services for parents and children in this complex society. This need is evident in urban centers that service the needs of single parents and unwed mothers. Young girls are making life decisions for themselves, their future, and often the lives and futures of young children which they will eventually bring into the world. Society is sending young girls and young men out into the world with little or no preparations for life. Life can be the greatest adventure of man’s earth existence, or it can a devastating experience with pit fall and obstacles which can robs one of the joy of living. It is time for Religious institutions to start to speak plainly to young people.

Churches have stood by too long watching thousands of young men and young women rush to the edge of a dangerous cliff and fall off. They may not kill themselves in the fall, but they can seriously hurt themselves and even cripple themselves for life. God has given us the gift of life. He has made man the steward of the earth. God has provided man with everything that he needs, and he has also been given the ability to manipulate the earth in ways that gives him pleasure and joy.  Man has been given many books to guide and direct him.  God the Father has inspired men to write down His instructions for man to live by. Man was not only to follow these instructional guides who have been passed on through centuries, he was also given the directive to be fruitful and multiply. As our first parents, Adam and Eve struggled with the complicated instructions they were being given by the creator with respect to what to touch and what not to touch, they tended not to pay too much attention to their two sons who were spending their time bashing each others heads in. Nevertheless, things did settle down and Adam, his wife, and what was left of his family started to live their lives by set guidelines and rules. There were clears guidelines with respect to how they would live select mates and bring forth the next generation. Cain did have to leave the homestead and go elsewhere to find a wife, but he had guideline with respect to the kind of women he should select, and with his past and history of having a violent temper, he needed a very understanding woman. We can assume that God had this all planned out, and the generations of man are recorded in the Judeo-Christian historical guidebook called the Bible.