Common core, common curriculum, common body of information. A student in North Dakota, Kentucky or China should be learning the same body of information. Knowledge is knowledge, Scinece is science, technology is technology, engineering is engineering and math is math. The process of reading and writing are the same with adjustments for language differences. Teachers should be educated the same way with the same core knowledge with specializations in geographic locations and demographics. The education between grades 1 through 12 should prepare students for college or university throughout the world. America must stop teaching to and for failure and eliminate the idea that teaching excellence is cheating. Our students are not doing well in the education market place, not because the do not have the skills, but because many of our dedicated teachers have not be taught how to teach. It is hoped that this blog will begin the conversation of common core teaching of all children.

If you are planning to enter the teacher education field, demand high quality course work. Make sure you have the significant method courses to teach the subjects you will be required to teach. If you plan to work with elementary school children, remember, this is a difficult field, and you will be required to teach and excel at all the subjects in the Liberal Arts curriculum. This means that you have taken the following courses:


  • Math
  • Teaching reading
  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • History, world, American and, Ancient
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Statistics
  • Literature, English and American
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Theology
  • Government
  • Political Science
  • Multi cultural studies
  • Needs of Special Children
  • Identifying Abuse in children


You must also have taken methods courses in teaching these subjects:


  • Methods in teaching reading
  • Methods in teaching math
  • Methods in teaching science
  • Methods in teaching social studies
  • Methods in teaching Art
  • Methods of teaching Music
  • Methods in teaching physical education
  • Classroom management and organization
  • Methods in writing lesson plans
  • Law and Education
  • Teaching students with special needs
  • Working with parents and community
  • Understanding culture diversity
  • Managing Fire Drills and other emergencies
  • The United States Government History and Development
  • Free World Government History and Development
  • Developing Governments History and Development
  • The United Nations History and Development
  • The 50 States of the United States, Demographics and History
  • The Republic of the United States
  • Political Divisions in the Country, Democrat, Republican, Liberal Conservative
  • Ellis Island, History and People
  • British North American Colonies
  • Irish Servitude, Indentured Servants, Slavery in the Colonies
  • African Indentured Servant and Slavery in the Colonies and America
  • The American Revolution and war The American Independence, End of Irish servitude
  • The Civil War and End of Slavery for Africans
  • American major wars causes and results
  • World Wars 1 and 2
  • Viet Nam War
  • Korean War
  • Civil Rights Revolution
  • Women Rights Revolution
  • Religion Diversity and Traditional Holiday Celebrations in America
  • Presidents of the United States History and major events
  • Major world leaders
  • History of Egypt
  • History of Greece/ Rome/ China/India/Russia
  • Major world events for past 2,000 years


If you have not had basic liberal arts courses, and the necessary methods courses, you are not ready for the classroom. Avoid any short cuts, the better your preparation, the longer you will last in the system, and the more effective you will become.


When you prepare to sit for the certification examination, remember, the ideas and philosophies of your professor will not be tested on the examination. The Federal, state and local governments set the curriculum for what you are expected to know and what you are expected to teach. Many professors have separate agendas, which influence their teaching. The certification examination does not rely on common sense, or common wisdom. There is a specific body of information, which you will be required to know, and you will either acquire this information through course work, or you may have to obtain it on your own


You will not be able to enter the teaching field if you have a prison record. Choices you make during your teenage years can and will affect your future. This is also true for law enforcement and the legal profession. The best way to avoid these problems would be to associate with people who will help you in your future. Your best friend represents who you are. We are attracted to be who are like us. If you like school you will attract to your life people who do not like school. If you are ambitious and respectful, you will attract people into your life who are similar to you. Do not reach out to people with negative behaviors because you want to be “liked.” You should be an example to others, and let them reach for you. Do not dumb down yourself to fit in.



               Hidden Curriculum Sociological, psychological, economical and historical information about select groups of individuals. This information is provided in such a way as to cause the reader to draw conclusions based on written or unwritten words. The content of the material in textbooks focuses on Black people as slaves. They were sub-human and lived in substandard housing, and as a result would not be able to perform effectively in an academic setting. Researches into the black family rely on data presented by Daniel Patrick Moynihan who almost single handily destroyed the image of a family with strong values and strong expectations for their children.

The hidden curriculum portrays a positive image of the immigrants coming out of the southern parts of Europe with little or no reference to organized crime or negative family patterns. Moynihan, an Irish scholar and United States senator hide the challenges of the European immigrant in New York City, and damaged the image of the African American family in the New York City school system. School systems present curriculums, which support these ideas. Black education is education that is intended for a specific group of people who are not destined to achieve any significant accomplishments. Teachers will form their own conclusions, and develop teaching strategies based on this information. This method was also used during the great mass migration from Europe into this country. Sixty years ago, the hidden curriculum was used against Jews, Italians and Irish people living in New York City.   Black Education was intended for the minority population in the country. This education would make it possible for a service class with low expectation to continue. Teachers complete teacher-training program with heavy   concentrations in socio-economic, political, and pathological issues relating to the child rather than content centered materials. Academic excellence is neither expected nor received. These programs usually have a remediation format.

Eugenics is a scheme for improving the human race by controlling reproduction. The practice of eugenics reached its height in the period between the late nineteenth century and World War II,

What happens when a system intended for one group spreads out to the entire United States? What would happen if what was intended for African Americans is used for Appalachia and the forgotten areas of the country? Appalachia must be saved, and common core education for every child would solve the problem of a system that back fired on itself.






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