What color is our Bible? What color is our God? Are the answers to these questions the keys to having peace on earth? Who does God look like, and is it a He or a She or a combinations of both? Do we hate others because of our lack of clarity to the answers of these questions. Our friends and our group of preference will not only be people who look like us, but who also look like our God. Judgement of good and evil are determined by the color of the Bible, the color of the God we serve and how close in physical appearance someone is to that frame of reference. White and light, you are alright, dark and brown we do not care to have you around. It is human behavior, but it is not Christ behavior, and we call ourselves followers of the Christ.

What color is your Holy Scripture, get that straight and perhaps we can begin peace on earth.

The churches of America are experiencing a transition in membership- where members can tolerate integration in schools and on jobs- but resent blacks and browns worshipping at the cross of the white Christ. Ministers are good preachers but are they good representative of the Christian message?

Few pastors give sermons on morality and Christ living. They can preach about heaven and the requirements for dying and entering into the resting place- but seldom is the topic of Christian living developed. In fact- the leaders of the church would run a preacher out of the church who attempted to discuss issues of loving God and accepting a neighbor with different skin and language style. The Bible suggests that God created man in His own image- the world present a picture of man creating God in his own image- and rejecting those- as unworthy – those who do not live up to that image.

Christians in America are identified by how many people and groups they hate in common- not by how many people they love. The religion of love calls together people who hate gays, immigrants, those who have had abortion- black and brown peoples – Catholics and certain mainline denominations – not following the rules of rejections.

Maybe the whole conflict is about color, and what color is the Bible?

Black Madonna and Christ child

Throughout France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal. In Poland, the Church encourages believers to pray to the Black Madonna of Czestochowka every morning before rising. At Our Lady of Koden (Poland), there are statues of white saints carrying pictures of Black Madonna’s. Lots of times the Black statues are hidden in vaults, while the public is shown Madonna’s with European features. In the hard-to-find classic, Anacalypsis, historian Godfrey Higgens writes, “…in all the Romish countries of Europe, in France, Italy, Germany, etc., the God Christ, as well as his mother, are described in their old pictures and statues to be black. The infant God in the arms of his black mother, his eyes and drapery white, is himself perfectly black. The Black Madonna’s originally all had Africoid features before most of them were destroyed by iconoclasts. When they were replaced, the artists retained the dark skin color but, not being familiar with real Afrikans, gave European features to the paintings. In cases where originals have survived, you may witness Africoid features on Mary and her child Jesus, such as the Black Madonna of Nuria, Spain – called ” The Queen of the Pyrenees.”

The Falasha Jews of Ethiopia are related to David and Bethsheba the daughter of Kush – Gen 10:6-7, by their son Solomon.  Solomon then had an affair with Makeda for Candace the Queen of Sheba (who was his cousin), they had a son Menelek. Menelek looked so much like his Grandfather David, that all of Israel thought he was the resurrected David, and their Messiah that was promised to be the seed of David.  It is from this line of Kings that Haile Salassie (Ras Tafari) was descended; he and his family are the only ones to be known to be the Lion from the Tribe of Judah. Unfortunately, Christianity fell in to Ethiopia and Haile Salassie to obscure the true faith of the Ethiopians who are Jews.  Most of the rest of the Ethiopians who are not Falasha, adopted the Coptic or Easter Orthodox faith, as did Salassie.  The Falasha are said to be from the tribe of Dan, which is impossible since they are from the stock of Judah, but the Ashkenazi’s could not admit they are not the Jews, so they assigned the tribe of Dan to the Falasha.  From the book the Kebra Nagast, one of the holy books that Rome refused to Canonize into the Bible, Solomon is shown in a dream that the glory of Israel was fading and that he should give his new son Menelek the Ark of the Covenant and a priesthood to carry on the traditions of Judaism in the land of his fathers (Kush) Ethiopia. He did so, that is one of the reasons that the Ashkenazi went to get the Falasha so they would have a claim on the original heritage and the Ark. The Falasha being isolated in Ethiopia and the African Diaspora with the rest of the original Hebrews did not adhere to the tradition of the Talmud. When they got to Israel it was found that their traditions were pure, and another problem arose from that truth.


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