Churches have important roles to play in helping people get out of the trap and culture of poverty. Churches can help with most problems in life, but first you must walk through the door. Education is the train you must take to ride through the challenges of life, and get out of the comfort of poverty. If you are a parent with sons, register them in Catholic School, they will hate the experience, but it will make them strong good men. Select large churches with strong social programs, they will guide you through the reality of living in this world. Small churches prepare you for living in the next world. Get God involved in the religion and education business, and leave poverty behind.

Breaking Out of the Culture of Poverty

Unfortunately if your body has become destroyed with legal and illegal prescription drugs, usually given to address pain, mental or physical, your chances of escaping poverty are slim to impossible. God has always been in the impossible business and miracles happen all the time.

You were selected and programmed for drug use including alcohol. All thinking goes through your mind and your mind has been chemically altered. In the course of my teaching, I have seen many adults break free from this chemical prison and go on to lead productive lives and contribute significantly to the family and society.

I want to thank The College of New Rochelle School of New Resources- a Catholic College – for the opportunity to work with many adult students making the transition into the educational environment. The School of New Resources has designed a program for adults returning to college. It does it better than any institution, and is considered the gold standard in adult education. I taught at the School of New Resources for 28 years and was part of a program making it possible for thousands of Americans to transform their lives. Ideas presented here were tried out in the Experience Learning and Identity successfully taught at this outstanding educational and spiritual institution.


The doorway out of poverty starts with education. Poverty in the 21st century is often caused by life style and decisions made. Your parents and the situation of your birth can only be held accountable for this first eighteen years. The government will force a free education on you if you are white and living in a Trailer Park – black – living in an inner city project – middle class living in the suburbs – or wealthy – living in gated property on an exclusive island.

In America- you will be in some school from the ages of six through eighteen – health and neurological issues – can extend the time. You will be given the tools to prevent poverty- with or without your consent. You just have to sit down- shut up- listen- learn – and above all stay the course.

This guide is for those who want to break out of traditional family beliefs and life styles- resulting in a life of sustained poverty. You have the tools- you cannot follow family role models – health issues may leave your parents unable to help you – because they have solved problems with alcohol and medication- legal and illegal. Love them- bless them- and pack your emotional – and when you can- physical bags- and leave. Your life is a gift from God – celebrate the gift.

           Breaking out of poverty will be the hardest thing you will ever do in your life – the failure rate is very high and the price – expensive – in the cost of emotional capital. Poverty is a small country with its own culture. The people in the culture will be warm and supportive of each other- as long as you do not act different- or try to leave – If you are serious about leaving the culture – you must be prepared to become refugee in a new country. You must follow all of the steps taken by immigrants and prepare your self mentally and physically for a journey that will take a toll on your identity and your health.

Individuals who are motivated to leave the land of their birth have at some time made the decision that they cannot survive in the present surroundings, and for the sake of their own well being and future – must make extreme sacrifices and changes. Carefully research the area you are intending to immigrate – learn the culture, which include behavior traits and expectations, music, foods, shelter, relationships between men and women, and what is acceptable and expected. Working class culture and- middle class culture is very different from the culture of poverty. Identify the people of the area to which you are immigrating, and determine how they can help you adjust to the new environment. Find a good faith-based institution – a church with the resources and capabilities for helping people- make transformations in lives.

If the church appears as if it is not able to sustain itself and its members- look for another church- churches also – are victims of the culture of poverty- and help people to remain comfortable in their present condition- run- do not walk to a different church.

Some denominations will encourage you to forget about this life- and wait for the next life- the only problem is – you have to die- to get into the next life- and you are on a journey to live in this life – death will come to all- but do not rush into death preparation.

Be prepared to change your clothing and physical look with respect to hairstyle and clothing – you do not want is to stand out like a sore thumb – therefore – do a detailed research on what people look like speak and behave. Just as you would do- when planning a trip to a foreign land – check the weather and decide what to pack for the occasion – and what you may need to purchase later. Pack your bag with all of your worldly possessions – say goodbye to your family and close friends – and accept the idea – that once you immigrate to the new country – you will no longer we welcomed into the inner intimate poverty circle again.

If you are strong enough to endure these challenges – welcome to the world of changing social classes and moving out of the culture of poverty. The doorway out of poverty starts with education. There are really two doors – the first door is education and the second door is religion. These are dangerous exit paths, if you select the wrong path in education, you will fall down a dark hole of despair. If you select the wrong path in religion, you will fall down the same dark hole – you will just be shouting and singing. Public schools serving minority and poor students in New York City are path to dark holes. Churches helping you get into heaven as fast as you can with out experiencing the joys of life are also path to dark holes. You will need both the school and the church for your great escape.

Getting In Through and Out Of College Adult Edition

Breaking Out of the Culture of Poverty




It is possible to program the mind with thoughts you want to manifest into your own realities.

The mind and the subconscious does not know if what you are programming it with are factual or not, but the mind and the thoughts placed in the mind does have the ability to bring into your world the content of your thoughts. Thought are things, with the power to create substance and events. I wrestle with God all the time and in the process, She reveals to me the secrets of life. I am not perfect and I have made some mistakes, fortunately not bad ones, but I am not a passive player in my life.

Poverty is an addictive drug and that is why it is so difficult to break away from its influence. Poverty provides warmth, acceptance, no expectations and no judgment. It is a free floating space, with the only requirement that you show up the same way each day with no changes and no thoughts for the future. Living for the now is all there is and anything, which can pleasure the now is acceptable.

There is no past or future in the lives of members of poverty, there is only the now. When you arrive in a poverty environment, no one is interested in who you are, what you have done or are doing. No one cares about your accomplishments the only time is the now time, and when you leave it is as if you were never there. It is pure pleasure. How does one avoid the culture of poverty, and how would a person trapped in poverty break out? In order to avoid poverty never acknowledge its reality.

Think – see – and behave – as if a different state of reality were part of your existence. My mother supported us for eighteen years on a welfare check- we were poor- but we did not live the culture of poverty. As children – my mother- a widower – would dress us as if each day were special. We would set the table in a special way, and speak to each other as if each person were special. If there were a shortage of something, there was no acknowledgment of that shortage, and something else was move into its place as if normal occurrence. My mother always said that how much money you have in your pocket does not define who you are- no one will know what you have or do not have- unless you tell them – hold you head high- and walk as if you have the riches of the world. We went to the free beautiful parks and free museums – she had a sewing machine- and kept us looking our best – she corrected our grammar and structured our behavior – and permitted no negative influences into the apartment. New York City had many diverse-economic sections – we lived in the poor section – with a middle class mind-set. My grandfather worked in a butcher shop, and his contribution to the family was to deliver a daily supply of meat and chicken each day. When you have plenty of meat, food is never an issue. My mother use to do a lot of praying so for some reason there was always enough food for us, and some left over for any visitor who would chance by.

Wealth is a mental attitude – influenced by the way you think about yourself and the environment. A wealth conditioning had nothing to do with economic reality; the small bi monthly welfare check was not designed to give a person a sense of comfort. The idea that this was a transitional stage of life, and we would get through it was encouraged and became the unspoken words of our being. I remember having great images of a future I would design for myself, the more challenges faced, the stronger and clearer the vision became.

Perhaps – this suggests that we were never in the culture of poverty; we were going through financial circumstances demanding strict attention to the distribution and use of money. Money did not make us rich or poor, money was what was used to pay bills. We were raised as children of intellectual wealth, responsibility and talents. I selected all relationships with the same purpose, deciding in advance what part they would or could play in my future vision.

My mother put visions in our heads – by taking us to other neighborhoods and providing an opportunity for us to see the possibilities of another world. During the years spent as a public school teacher in New York City, working in challenging communities, I used the New York City enriched environment as my classroom and repeated this process

Field trips were a weekly event providing the student with exciting material to use in the state required curriculum. Teaching across the curriculum we used mass transportation in our geography lessons; the Museum of Natural History for our science and social studies, we wrote about and spelled all the streets involved in our walking exercise, and we watch a building going up, and secured permission from the Donald Trump builders to show us prints and designs. The students were taught outside of the box, and scored high on inbox examinations. These learning opportunities inspired many families to move out of the area and dream bigger dreams for their future. The teacher is often the vision creator and guide to a students avoiding the poverty trap and escaping the institution as soon as possible.

Going to school is a spiritual act; you must prepare yourself for this spiritual experience. If you are an adult returning to school after years away from this experience it may seem difficult, after you adjust to the spirituality of the whole experience you will feel right at home. You must prepare yourself for this experience, it will be the journey of your life; you will and should fall in love.

The feeling of new life and awareness should come over you as you open up the areas of your being to take in new awareness. This is the process by which you are on your way to becoming a changed being. When you enter the classroom door, it is not the son or daughter of someone – you drop your external roles at the crossover sill and enter as you, ready for your own experience.

If you are returning to school for your friends – they will not notice or care – if you are returning for your family – they will resent your stealing valuable time from their self centered world – and think you are selfish. If you enter for ethnicity or good of mankind – they will resent you showing them up – by inferring through your behavior – that they are failures and lazy. Family will sabotage your efforts – friends will consider you a traitor – your boss will feel you have too much time on your hand – and will try to increase your work load – blocking your school hours, and even you – yourself – may on occasions doubt the validity of what you are doing. These are obstacles – and it is up to you to prepare for them – and have strategies for how to handle them when they do – and they will appear.

The best advice is to keep your own counsel, “see thou and tell no one” until you send out the invitations to the graduation. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and you may kill your own chances for success through your own mouth. Boys who use to live in tough neighborhoods refused to carry school- books because they did not want to be attacked by the neighborhood kids. Recognizing this study and homework time was provided during school hours so that the male students could keep up their grades and save face. Saying to a child forget them and be the bigger person, will not help, and result in many fist- fights and crushed spirits.

Work out a plan to handle the many obstacles, and get ready for the greatest adventure of your life. You will work smarter, and you are more ready than high school graduates completing the thirteenth year of education. You bring life experiences into the classroom with you, and that world knowledge will help you in your social science courses in psychology, sociology, political science, government, philosophy and religion. Get those soft courses out of the way before you take the hard courses, the courses where someone has to teach you new ways of thinking and methodologies.

College is about reading and writing, and reading for content, and writing in the form and style approved by your professors. Remember your thoughts mean nothing unless they are backed up by some writer or acknowledged authority in the field. Put your ego on the back burner, and develop a strategy for getting through and out of the institution, and the gatekeepers to the exit door are your professors. Through the doors of the college walks your future, do not slow it down or mess it up because of you. Life is not fair, and all the obstacles you will encounter are in place to maintain the status quo. When you return to school you are stepping out of one stratified position to go into another. The American system is designed to keep people in their assigned places, you are preparing to change the rules and the players, and it will be exciting.

The world of the 21st century is a world of technology. It is therefore suggested – that you include some money courses in your degree program. The basic liberal arts degree will qualify you to work today in restaurants, specialty shops and department stores. You will be knowledgably without knowing how to do anything. The market pays for skills and talents; therefore take subjects and areas of concentrations that will make it possible for you to secure employment and be able to pay your student loans. Computer engineering, math, science and education will place you in a more favorable job market. You will become a better person as the results of your education, it is however your responsibility to earn a living for yourself. Your degree could be your entrance into the technology field, health services, legal services, architecture and design. Make your education more than a talking platform.


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