The church must open its doors to the communities in which they serve. They should make it known that available to all who wish to come, will be a place and a time where a helping hand and a spiritual commitment is available to help them to complete their important job. Riverside Church offers a safe haven space for teachers where they can come and in a spiritual environment, be nurtured and educated with the skills they need to return to the front lines of the American educational system and continue to be hands of God in the lives of students.

Form used in Riverside Church with a large teaching population, to determine if there is a need for the ministry.

Spiritual Formation Ministry for Teachers

Research Project

Dear Teacher,


I would like you to take part in this small project to determine if there is a need for a Spiritual Formation Ministry for Teachers.


Please take five minutes to answer the following questions for me. The information will be used to help in the ministry.


This ministry respects the legal requirements for the separation of church and state, and does not encourage teachers to do or say anything that is not legally permitted in a classroom. This ministry works with the teacher to encourage personal skills and development.

(A) Agree (B) Strongly Agree ( C ) Undecided (D ) Disagree (E ) Strongly Disagree


I sometimes feel over whelmed with my responsibilities                                                     A.   B   C   D   E


I would like to learn different methods for reaching children

                                                A B   C     D   E      

I think teaching is a calling                                                                                                     A   B   C   D   E

Spiritual Lesson Planning techniques would be helpful                                              A   B C   D   E

Spiritual Classroom Management techniques                                                                         A   B   C   D   E

would be helpful.

People do not know how difficult and stressful teaching is.                                          A   B   C   D   E

I would be interested in attending a very short morning service before I go to school_________________________________________________________________

I would interested in discussing bringing some of my children to the church, after school, for some tutorial assistance.____________________________________________

I would be interested in attending free lesson planning and classroom management workshops conducted by professors, staff developers and school principals.___________________________________________________

I am interested in helping new teachers and share my experience____________________

I am interested in a nurturing program for teachers_______________________________

Please fill out the information sheet. Do not put your name on this sheet. This information is voluntary and confidential.

Spiritual Formation Teacher Workshop

Education Ministry

Interfaith Spiritual Formations

At the Riverside Church


A Time for Spiritual Centering Before Going to Work.


Interfaith clergy will be invited to share a morning service for teachers to be held each Wednesday morning at the Riverside Church.

Time: 7 am – 8 am (9 minutes sessions repeated during the hour)

Parents are invited to bring children for morning blessings before they go to work, and the child goes off to school

Students are invited to come for prayer before going to school

Local private schools are invited to bring their classes for morning blessings.


Quiet reflection

Open prayer

Spiritual Blessings.

A special ceremony could be held where teachers are ordained to the call of teaching. The elders of the community and the clergy would lay hands on the teachers and give them the word from God and the support from the community to go out and do God’s work.

International Interracial



Spiritual Professional Day workshop for teachers.


Location: The Riverside Church, NYC.

Date: TBA 9 am -2 pm

College Professors

School Principals

Guidance Counselors

Staff Developers

Curriculum Specialist

Computer Engineers

Retires Teachers



Interfaith Clergy


Classroom Management

Managing student behavior

Lesson Planning

Handling stress

The Fruit of the Spirit in Spiritual Teaching

Separation of Church and State, Legal requirements

Teaching about religions and world cultures without breaking the law.

The Law and Education

Understanding the politics of a school building.

Spiritual Instructional Preparation and Delivery

Spiritual Expectation of students.

Leaving No child behind

Teaching for success

Spiritual interactions between teacher and student.


Professionals helping



Interfaith Clergy

The ministers of the church would have the responsibility of extending an invitation to the interfaith clergy in the community.










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