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As an Ambassador For Peace  with a NGO of the United Nations, I was invited to go to China

China was one of the greatest cultural challenges I have experienced in many years. I had completed the traditional research in preparation for the trip. I had research the Hotel accommodation and the weather. I thought I was prepared, but I was wrong. Now, I must admit, as a public school teacher, and college professor, I have been accustomed to teaching history about the world and its populations. I have taught about the accomplishments of the western world, from an American perspective. I am grateful to the Women’s Federation  and the United Nations NGO -for giving me an opportunity to experience this trip. We as educators cannot change the world until we see the world.

We cannot trust our books or our media. We must go out into the world and find out what is going on, and be prepared to roll up our sleeves and be the hands of God. History is a political arm of government. We must find other methods of studying and knowing the world.

The arrival at the airport in Beijing China gave me some indication that I was not in the back woods. I can only give the American perspective. We are taught that we in America have the most modern and sophisticated system of any and everything in the world. China burst on to my consciousness as an explosion into reality and humility. We were not the greatest, and we were not the only major players in the world.

China is rushing towards modernity at great speed. At the rate she is going, she will take capitalism to a new level. China identifies her political system as a socialist market economy. The words, although different seems to demonstrate capitalism from what I observed.

There were major department stores, specialty shops, and individuals hustling their wares on the streets. I noticed many businessmen talking on cell phones and driving expensive cars. I saw apartment buildings similar to some in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Construction sites were presents all over. Some of the heights of the building could match the mind-boggling heights of many sky scrappers in New York City. As an anthropologist and social scientist, I was interested in the people and their lives. I watched the interaction of the people moving through the streets during the business hours, and also in the evening hours.

We were also afforded an opportunity to see Chinese families at play and social activities. I am also trained to observe, record and analyze information; this was indeed an enjoyable and educational opportunity. We were lucky, the government did not want us to hold meetings, so they kept us busy outside of the hotel.

The Women’s Federation arranged for us to take many tours through out the city and countryside. Several modern buses arrived at the hotel early in the morning ready to whisk us away from any opportunity to interact with the local women. We were however, able to see them in their daily activities. We saw clerks, waitresses, bank tellers, and entertainers. God intended for us to meet the women, and we met them where they were. I was excited, this was a picture of China that is not included in our schoolbooks. China is a giant, and if we are not prepared to address and respect this giant, China will eat our lunch. One of the greatest enjoyments of the trip was the opportunity to meet the women who were members of the Federation. Women from all over the world came to this special meeting place. They brought their own stories and cultures. The tours were good because it gave us an opportunity to interact with the women of the world in a social manner.

We shared bus rides and rooms together. It was a powerful gathering of women

We still must be reminded that we as women have to join forces with our sisters in Asia and the rest of the world. We know that women still kill their infant daughters because the life of a female child is considered worthless and too expensive to support.

We know that young girls are forced into arranged marriages, or sold as workers or sex slaves. We know that women are helpless to prevent the spread of Aids because they do not have the power to protect themselves from dangerous sex. We know that in Africa many young girls are forced to submit to genital mutilation. We know that in many places in the world there is much hunger and poverty.

It is possible to eliminate this shame of poverty and oppression of women if we can share the kingdom of God with the women of the world. We are our sister’s keepers and we have the responsibility of knowing their pain and helping them to know that change is possible. We can use the tools of education to help women in the depressed areas of the world release the power and strength within themselves, and know that God sees them as worthy of a new and improved life. God sends his Holy Spirit in the form of women with the Wisdom to change the world.



Women’s Federation for World Peace

Ambassador for Peace

July 28, 2005


Dear Friends of Women’s Federation for World Peace, 


On behalf of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, International, we are pleased to invite you to join women from around the world for a special convocation in Beijing, China, entitled, “Goodwill Exchange for World Peace”, August 17 – 22, 2005. The theme for this convocation is, “International Friendship of Women and the 2008 Beijing Olympics”. This convocation, hosted by the Preparatory Committee for the Goodwill Exchange for World Peace, will bring together more than 500 women from 40 nations.  

With a history of more than 5,000 years, and a population of 1.3 billion, China is emerging as one of the most important political and economic centers of the 21st century. This convocation provides a unique opportunity to experience emerging China and develop ties with Chinese women that will strengthen the bonds of friendship between our two nations, for the realization of lasting peace in the world.  

The program agenda, which is still being developed, will include a cultural event, as well as an opportunity to visit the major sites in and around Beijing. The organizers are planning for a “Bridge of Peace Ceremony”, an opportunity for each participant to establish a sisterhood relationship with a Chinese woman.   

As a guest of this “Goodwill Exchange for World Peace”, we are pleased to inform you that the host committee will cover your expenses while in China, including: accommodations, meals, transportation, as well as scheduled sightseeing trips. You will be asked to pay for your roundtrip air transportation from the US to China, which includes ground transportation from your home to the airport in the US, a registration fee of $120, as well as your incidentals.  

If you would like to join us for this historic convocation, please fill out the attached registration form, and return it to WFWP, USA by email, fax, or mail. Please send your registration fee of $120, made out to WFWP, USA, to: WFWP, USA, 285 Lafayette Street, Suite 207, Bridgeport, Connecticut, 06604. Upon receipt of your registration form, we will provide you with information concerning air transportation and visas.  

We look forward to welcoming you for this historic convocation. 


With warm regards,

Dr. Lan Young Moon Ms. Alexa Fish Ward
President, WFWP, International Vice President, WFWP, International
  President, WFWP, USA


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