Challenges to the Christian faith during the 21st century and beyond. We must learn to love God above, through, around, with and without Holy Scripture. The Old Testament of the Bible is the story of an angry God, who selected an angry disobedient people and gives them rules and behaviors to make their lives miserable and make them intolerant of stranges and their neighbors. This is also the God who created people who would lay down their lives to protect and serve strangers they do not know. This is the God who created all the love and beauty in the universe, the God of our soul and being and the meaning to our being.

Sacred literature mixes up mythologies, it take from ancient oral stories, pagan, Roman and Greek mythologies and ancient world histories of mankind, trying to find meaning to existence. In the King James Version of the Bible, there are two entirely different stories of how human life began and the order of their importance in man’s primitive view of life. Chapter 1 in Genesis has the Deity creating man and woman at the same time, and suggesting with the help of other deities, that they are made in the likeness and images of this creative team. Genesis chapter two, comes in with a different writer and a different view of the creative process, creating man as a dusty symbol from the earth, and only on second thought deciding to make woman. Woman was made as a helpmate for man, taken from his body parts, with no independent thought or privileges.

Chapter two of Genesis also suggest that man, as animal help conversations with the other created entities. Eve, the woman, whose name sounds similar to the word evil and all of its meaning, has a conversation with a snake. The hidden curriculum of the Old Testament relates to the idea that evil and sin came into the world through women, and that it is the women who are the sources of all problems and concerns. The Abrahamic faiths, Judaism and Islam, have clear directives for the separation and treatment of women. Christianity tries to be more subtile, but future researchers will trace wife and child abuse to religious teachings not obvious to children but should be clear to men.  Women can clean the churches but they cannot assume senior leadership positions as senior pastor.The lack of women in the priesthood and the refusal of some denominations to ordain women suggest this second class thought about women. If the Bible does not respect women, then why should society? In other religious mythologies, a snake is used as a symbol of life. The shedding of the snakes skin, is the symbol of death and resurrection or the continuation of live at different stages.

The other living forms in this perfectly created area of the world seem to be smarter than this last creation, the snake seems to know history and biology. The snake informs the second class female that she would not die if the fruit of life is eaten, and the trees in the garden were trees of wisdom, not only providing pleasureable nurishment, but the power to give wisdom on how to sustain eternal life. This snake certainly had some source of wisdom, since Adam and Eve had none, and did not know anything about repreduction. This idea is suggest when Adam refers to himself as naked, suggesting his awareness of his private parts. Not having anything to cover his reproductive organs, he hides from the creator. As complicated and difficult as it is for readers to understand, the writers of the bible introduces us to murder in the first family and instructions on how not to relate to other people on the earth, and even instructions on intolerance and how to destroy those who are different. Nothing here yet to inspire love and tolerance and good family values. Somehow families develop and problems solved, not by the guidelines of scripture, but something else, which bypasses the mind and goes to the heart.

When God wants to make significant announcements and changes in His/Her world, He selects a woman as messenger and vessel.  When a woman shows up in scripture, major changes are going to take place in the world. Tolerance, with the woman at the well, wisdom and compassion with the selection of a woam to give birth to the Word, and the message and confirmation of the ressurrection of the risen Christ, all delivered by and through women The Bible should be read with care, it is milk for babies and meat for men.   God works through society, above and beyond religion, it is often in the laws of society that the voice of God is heard.

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