Celebrating The Single Mother. God could not do it all, so She made woman. It is the role of the woman to carry out God’s will here on earth. The best means for sustaining life is to have a mother and a father working together to care for the young. There are times in life when the woman must go it alone, and assume the responsibility of the single parent supporting the life of the child. In recent years, many fathers have decided to assume the single parent role and have achieved outstanding success. God is an awesome God, His wonders are still being demonstrated in the lives of men.

Celebrating The Single Mother In America 

About 80 years ago, America added a new paragraph to her reputation of welcoming the poor and unwanted. Her statue of liberty beckoned the world to send us their poor, and we lifted our arms and our heart to love and protect God’s people. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, ushered in what is called the New Deal, a system pledging systems for helping the poor to transform their lives. America promised to help babies and children to make it through the early life challenges, with government support. America promised that any child born in America or living on American soil would not starve or have to beg in the streets. This had a major effect on women who found themselves pregnant with no support from the father of the child, and even in some cases, their own families. This provided assistance for the widow, finding herself grieving over the loss of a spouse, but also traumatized by the question of how to care for three small children all under the age of 5 years. America pledged her wealth and resources to these individuals with the responsibility of sustaining life. Today, some of our best sports people and business men, will thank their mothers with the same breath they thank God for life’s achievements.

            Sons credit single mothers for standing by them as they struggled through the valleys of life and despairs; dangerous communities and schoolteachers who ignored their presence challenged many. Mothers who scrubbed floors at night and worked stores in the day to buy a pair of sneakers required to be acceptable by an unforgiving and judgmental crowd. Pride in the face of poverty is a necessary skill necessary for survival, single mothers understood this, and sacrificed a few pennies for the symbolic sneakers.

Single mothers were the ones fighting school battles with hostile school bullies and indifferent school teachers, and combative parents, single mothers had learned to become male and female, mother and father to protect her sons. Abortion would have been easier, life was harder, but when we follow God’s will, even in challenging situations, He sends His angels to help, support and guide mothers through situations. America’s Aid To Dependent Children is the foundational system of the country, standing by and with single mothers electing to bring forth life. It is a sad observations that some of the same individuals who loudly proclaim that the government should not permit abortions, also protect against food stamps, government assistance and what they call “ hand outs.” Live babies have to be fed, and they should remember that fact when they advocate for anti assistance programs for our American citizens. We thank God for the thousands of mothers responsible for bringing life into the world, and fathers who have stepped up to the lone parenting plate, we thank God for the United States of America, and her spiritual decision to stand by her people, if need be, from the cradle to the grave.

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