Breaking out of the culture of poverty is the hardest challenge of your life. Poverty is a warm cuddly tar baby, it holds you close and will not permit you to leave. You are surrounded by warm non judgemental friends who will love you, cuss you and kill you in a fit of unintentional anger. Poverty kills its own, it does not have the courage to venture out, and frustrations not medicated by drugs are expressed in violence towards those we love. Violence is the language of love in communities of deep cultural poverty. Men beat their women and parents beat their children, all in expressions of love. The doorway out of poverty is education, but getting to that door required the individual to make the strongest run of his life, overcoming impossible obstacles designed to drag you back home. Keep running, millions have made it out.

In America the greatest achievers come from the poor, the minority and the oppressed groups. Working your way out of one of these oppressed groups will demand all of your time and energy. You will not have time for pity parties, you will not have time for post traumatic distress, and acting out because of the injustices in the world.


Hard times and stress should make you angry, used that anger as fuel to keep your machine going. As soon as you can, get into a four- year college program nobody is interested in your story, so don’t tell it. Recreate your autobiography, re-write the script of your life, change the characters and add positive characters, make yourself the star and hero of your life script. Make yoursel the winner in your own life script. You are a co creator with God, and this is your time to do some creation. See beyond the apparent and the visible reality, beyong reality lies truth, and the truth is, God wants you out and winning. Change the story of your life. The subconscious does not know truth – it reacts on what you tell it. Do not permit the world to write your story or to program your subconscious.

Get into college crawl, walk or run through the process, but get in the transformational center, and give yourself up for transformation. What you know and what your family knows has placed you in poverty and has kept you in place, so do not depend of what is in your head.

If you were a star in the poverty “hood” prepare to be a new learner in the wealth “hood.” Sit down, shut up, listen and learn. When the temptation comes to get up and walk out on the “crap” make yourself sit, hold yourself in the seat, finish the job. You are not suppose to agree, you are suppose to learn. Prepare to give back to the instructor what is given to you. If you were as smart as you think, you would have been in this seat years ago. By the end of your first year you should have adjusted to how to take in process information and grow intellectually from the process. Your conversations will change and you will give reference to those sources that have increased your intellectual enrichment, you know because now you know what other great minds know.

Males student will find transformation most difficult, males do not like giving up control. You cannot lead others out of poverty until you permit yourself to be lead out. Internalize information, do not externalize thoughts and behaviors that was cause you to remove yourself or others to suggest your removal. The assignment is to get the information and get the credentials from the institution in order to go back to the company and save your group. You must learn the enemies strategies, and if you leave, you fail the mission, it is not about you. Mosses on assignment is your mission, and there are millions left in Egypt who want to get out. This was said, because the male approaches college in a different way than a female, and more males are having a difficult time completing the process. This difficulty is not because of a lack of ability, but because the expectations levels are different. Male college students should reverse the recommended  Liberal Arts college path. Take the difficult courses first before taking your liberal arts required coursed. Take your math, science, business and financial planning courses before you take your psychology, sociology, art appreciation history and English literature courses. Take the “doing courses ” before taking the thinking and talking courses. Female students should do the exact opposite. They should take all the talk and feel good courses, before attempting the more difficult and challening courses. There will of course be females who think like males and can handle technology and practicle life courses in science, and their are male interested in the arts and humanities and enjoy the interaction with others in sharing ideas. In an effort to increase the male attendance and completion of the college program, these suggestions are made. There are those who will object to the division, as a college professor, I have discovered that men and women adults returning to school with a vast amount of life experiences tend to approach the learning process with totally different strategies.

Men are impatient and want to know the task, they are not interested in analyzing the why of all assignments. Professors must be aware of this difference and not just sit by teaching a class full of eager females not noticing or caring that the males have left. Male and female must complete the process together. Women who are the sole financial support in the family understand the sacrifice males must make in keeping a job, caring for a family and attending college for financial advancement. Professors must appreciate these challenges and respect the differences. 

Sit in the front row of the classroom, with a large loose – leaf book and a lot of paper. When the professor start talking, you start writing. Every word said and any and all marks placed on the board. Professors write as they think and you want all thought spoken and written. Use a tape – recorder, to check on the words missed, eventually you will be able to write as fast as professors speak. Pay particular attention to what is said about requirements for the class. It will take time to get the skill of note taking and keeping up with the professors, develop your own style of short hand writing, be patient, hang in there, the skill will come.

The professor may laugh while giving out requirements or assignments, but you write, and confirm if there are any questions. If you are transformational, and breaking out of poverty, give up recreation and fun for the first term. You cannot handle completing assignments and having fun at the same time. You will have fun, but this is taking care of business time. As horrible as your life may have been, the students have seen and experienced worse, no one talks about the past, your life is in the future; you cannot walk in two directions at the same time, walk into your future.

Our colleges direct students into entertaining and non- challenging historical liberal arts studies, and encourage discussion in endless mindless possibilities. Some students go to college to find themselves, the oppressed do not need to find themselves, they know who they are and devote time and life to career choices leading away from poverty.

If you are a male student, you need to pay special attention to the difference in styles for male students and female students. Females will find Liberal Arts college experience easier than male students. The female approaches college as a feeling experience and is excited about sharing feelings and reactions to course work and assignments. The male is more focused and practical, he wants to know what is required and how to complete assignments. The male will get frustrated with all of the talking and sharing in the class, they want practical demonstrations of each concept or strategy. The male in frustration may not complete assignments, and may require assistance to putting thoughts and assignments on paper.

Male students experiencing hesitation in assignment completion should have a discussion with the professor and try to secure permission to turn in notes and tape-recorded reports of assignments. Plan regular appointments with the professor to discuss points of interest to demonstrate an understanding of what is being presented, this will inform the professor of your ability to participate in class assignments. Class participation is often an important part of grades, and some females tend to be more oral than some males.

Males can also pay someone to type notes from the tape recorded, and provide a typist with the information required to turn in to the professor as class assignments. Sometimes, a female friend will provide the same service, in exchange for help in another academic area.

If you are working your way out of poverty you will be similar to an immigrant in a new country. Immigrants coming to this country are here to transform their lives. The purpose of education for the poor and the immigrant is transformation. Drinking and drugs and finding you paths courses will lead you to working for McDonalds and living in your parent’s basement.

If you want to afford yourself after who you discover who you really are, plan your education carefully, and add some money – making courses to your degree plan. Studying the Greeks and the Romans and their magnificent contribution to western civilization will not be enjoyed if you do not earn enough to afford entrance to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. You need to earn enough to afford your passions. If you are interested in the environment, make sure your degree is in environmental, social and physical sciences. Talking health care, education and engineering here-

Our Pacific Rim brothers and sisters come here to study and bite the bullet – and register for our science, engineering, math and technology courses they graduate and are hired into high priced positions satisfying market requirements.

They smile pleasantly at us and spend their nights in cohorts work-study groups learning how to run the world of the future. After four enjoyable years of freedom from family values, frustrations and nagging, our children graduate with worthless degrees, expensive student loans, and attempt to enter the job market seeking six figure salaries.

They are well spoken, polite and totally unprepared to supply the needs of a technological society. Asians come here to the United States because we have an excellent higher education system. They are prepared to study in that system, work in our job markets, and take these skills back to the Rising sun of the east.

Asians are mastering our departments of religion, church management, and Christian theology, and are taking over our abandon main line churches. Asians are mastering our departments of science and technology, and commanding significant presence in our health service departments. Asians are mastering the departments of education, and developing strategies for educating our students more effectively.

America must still focus on the education of its citizens and demand a better preparation curriculum for the reality of the 21st century. If your friends have graduated and are working in fancy restaurant or selling shoes in some high priced department store, you should be questioning your own economic future. Americans have difficulty selecting a course of study that will direct them into a field of employment. Traditionally in western societies, higher education was reserved for the children of the privilege. They were encouraged to study the humanities.

Schools were not intended for employment. American educators have differences of opinions regarding the purpose of education, some resent teaching practical skills and believe it is not their role to make students job ready for employment, or to teach to the test requirement of the market. It is therefore up to the individual to structure a degree plan and course of study suitable for the market place. Thousands of students graduate each year and cannot find employment; thousands of employers seek competent individuals to fill well paying positions.

Make your degree worth money; add STEM and financial return classes to your course of study. Usually math and computer courses will make you a valuable employee regardless of your degree. Take enough education courses to qualify for a teaching position. Take enough science courses to move into the health service field. Professional degrees are granted at the graduate or master level, take enough courses to qualify for graduate school.

Admission is usually dependent on the number of credits you may have taken in a specialized area. If you are an American you have been told to take courses that will encourage your passion or give you a sense of happiness and purpose. Happiness and passion are important variables in life, but an ineffective college degree can lead to the back door of poverty. Poverty has some strong advantages and its strong appeal and difficulty to escape are the results of the strength, support and friendship individuals can feel when they are in the condition of poverty with familiar companions.

You have to have the strength to leave the power of the pack to contain you. The world outside is hard and lonely, but it leads to independence character and wealth. Educate yourself with the purpose of helping others. It takes professional skills to rescue people from generational poverty. Poverty is a “Tar Baby.”

You are tempted to take courses you enjoy. Make friends with some Asian students, note that in some schools – have become the majority, and ask them what are they studying? You will be working for those students unless you study what they are studying. Americans change jobs every ten years, make sure you have three definite career paths in your knowledge base.

Have enough math courses to be a banker or sales person, courses in science and technology, enabling you to enter into the health care field or technology engineering, and sufficient education and psychology courses to go into the field of teaching if needed.

America’s future is in STEM, but public schools are not preparing the poor for America’s future. America will be come the “worker bees” to foreign countries writing the charts of the future. A select few and the elite of the country are being guided into responsible education paths, the poor of America, and that is black and white, are conditioned to fight for failing schools and incompetent teachers. Our children are being medicated at very early ages to conform to a future designed to function without them. Your education should be directed at saving the future from the greed of the present.


               Some of these careers require computer knowledge, some require good people skills, some require science and evaluation skills, some require strong math background. You need courses that will teach you how to problem solve rather than just follow orders. America is good at releasing the creative process in students and workers; the creative process comes from strong academic background. Pay attention to the why and how of people and situations and do not be impressed with the sound of your own voice and ideas. Build on knowledge and they step out and take a chance. Take a strong liberal arts program, but add STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Math) to your program so you can make money. As long as you are making your age as a basic salary you know you are on the right track.

This is not an attempt to be materialistic, or to suggest that money will solve all of the world’s problems, or become the source of happiness. Most students graduate with large student loans, often in the six figure category, the reality of having to repay these educational loans will soon become an embarrassing fact of life, when harassing phone calls, wage garnishments and credit status become the focus of post college life. The world is materialistic, and will show its true colors after graduations for the 6 years of enjoyable intellectual experiences. The question then becomes, can you pay for the experience. Make sure you select a course of study that will enable repaying the cost of the fun and passion.

Your first 10 years after graduation should concentrate on repaying obligations to family and financial institutions, this included establishing yourself on sound financial footing. There will be time left to follow your passions to save the environment, and the poor and starving of the world. If careful attention is not paid to the process of professional education, it is possible for the educated to find themselves one step above the poverty levels, with no practical guidance for anyone.

The best thing you can do for poor people is not to be one of them (Ike) and tell as many people as you can this same message. Always give a helping hand, but where possible, reduce the population of the poor.


Parents Responsibility For Getting The Family Out Of Poverty

If you are a parent, you have one generation to lift your family out of poverty. First watch your health, and second work out a plan to moving your family into a different social economic class. Class is not determined by wealth, but by behaviors. You can be poor and still have middle class values.

Wear the best clothing you can afford, dress your children for success. Cleanliness is next to Godliness; it is possible to wash clothing at night for clean wearing in the morning. Teach your children how to eat and speak to each other, take your children around people who speak respectful to them. Take your children to the Museums, they are free, and only ask for a donation. Expose your family to different neighborhoods and different shopping experiences. Respect others, and demand respect from others. Become a role model for your children; act as if God has already made it possible for you to live a better life financially.

Child – care responsibility will take up a considerable amount of your time; do not expect major changes to take place during the early child- care years. Marry well select a mate with similar goals in life and someone who will be a supportive mate during. Before falling in love, select character, family, religious views, and future potential. It is difficult to back out of a relationship where passion is involved. Pay attention to family interaction, you are looking at your future. Mate selection is not the time to help someone get back on his or her feet; you cannot work your way out of poverty, if you select someone in need of extensive repair. Leave the broken to God, you are not in a position to rescue, and if you do manage to move on with your life, you will cause resentment in your partner, if it is believed that you are more interested in your life and career than the struggle they are going through. Getting out of poverty requires light baggage, travel light, the journey will be easier. Your goal is to get into college, and this will take time, the process of change starts with the college, college is the doorway to your resurrections into a new life. Pay attention to the process, you maybe called to be a Harriet Tubman, and return to lead others out.

                 Poverty should not last more than one generation in a family. If you observe that your grandparents were poor, your mother was born into poverty, you grew up in poverty, and now you are married with children of your own, you are heading in the wrong directions.

Change your directions, change your thoughts and change your life. The people you live around and associate with, determine your future, unless you take major steps in changing the course of poverty to the course and direction of wealth and prosperity.

In America, the doorway to wealth, for the masses, is through education. Education is the major transformational factor in the eliminations of poverty in America. You cannot drink your way to wealth, drugs will destroy the mind, and you will not be able to tell the difference between poverty and wealth.

The child is the father of the man, and if permitted, the undisciplined child, can destroy the man he will father in later life. Many teenagers have committed terrible acts, which have landed them in the penal system. During the adult change over stage, the teenager finds himself sitting as an adult on a prison bench for something the child in him has done, and with tears regrets what the child did to justify the destruction of a life. Talking to children who are in the, “ I want to do what I want stage of life,” does not help, there are some minds that do not understand speech and are not influence by talk.

The parent must remove the child from the environment and find a community, affordable, where the family values can be observed and supported. Remember children resent being born in poverty, and hold parents accountable for all experiences, selecting a church serving the poor, is not always a positive experience for resentful children.

Search for the “right church,” program churches often have programs supporting educational, spiritual and character building activities. The pathways out of poverty are the church and the school, selecting the wrong church or the wrong school may result in negative influences on impressionable children. Jesus did not come to teach men how to beg or live on “begging scraps,” He came to be a way and a light on the way of achieving the promises of God.

All Christian churches teach the life of Christ, but not all churches are learning centers. Jesus came as teacher, and the people of the Gospel are intended to be teachers and transformations agents to help the poor. Every child and family pulled out of poverty is a testimony and witness to our faith. It is important to study the Biblical stories of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the lives lived thousands of years ago, it is also important to create stories for your own future, so your children and grand children can call you blessed.

It is your responsibility, as parent, to see to it that your child gets the right education and is prepared for college. You have to watch what he /she is studying. You have to watch the content of the work he/she is doing in school. If the work is not up to standard, you do not have the power to change the curriculum, it is set by state law. You do have the power to enroll your child in an after school program in your church or community and monitor the academic development of your child. America has a class system, and your child will receive education based on the class or neighborhood you can afford to live in.

Churches or community centers do not have class systems and will give the same type of service to all children. If you can afford a better neighborhood, move. If you can afford private school, take it. If you are living where you can afford, then it is your responsibility to add the extra quality to your child’s education. Do not spend your time fighting a system, and do not use your child as a political pawn in trying to change the system. Separate politics from parental responsibility. Your job is to get your child the best education you can in the best system you can afford. Life is not fair, but the best quality of life and education goes to those who know are to work for it and plan for it.

If your child is in high school you should be visiting the guidance counselor to find out about the colleges and universities available. You must pay attention to deadlines. You must know when the PSAT and the SAT examinations are scheduled. It is your responsibility to see to it that your child has the extra tutoring or academic assistance needed to do well on those test. You have the responsibility of help your child academically to get the best scores possible on test regardless of what the school may advise. Your child is competing with other students and they are getting the best help their parents can afford. Minority parents think they are cheating if the try to help their children and they attempt to let the child do everything on his own. This is a mistake.

Help your child. Get family members to help your child. Help them with writing papers; help them with complicate math problems. Help them with writing college essays. Check and double check to see what they are saying in those essays. They are children. Middle and upper class parents not only help their children but pay for professional help. Call on any relative you have and ask them to help your child academically. Many schools serving poor and minority students are feeder sites for the local prison systems; parents must take a proactive role to prevent their children from being caught in traps. The brains of young people have not developed to understand cause and effect, and how behaviors they use today will cause them to lose precious freedoms. The immature mind does not understand rights and freedom, parents must have shut down procedures in place to protect the immature mind, this is not the time to be your child’s friend and buddy, strictness and structure may save his future. The male child needs care and attention; the traps are set for him. Today, more girls are falling into future destruction traps. Minorities are being snatched off the streets, and placed in youth detention centers, where they will learn the skills of self- destruction. Churches should be operating program to help families prepare for and avoid the traps of sophisticated modern day slavery. Teenagers do not want to go to church to hear about Jesus, but they need to hear how to survive urban traps set to destroy the future. If communities have no hope, then churches and religious leaders have failed, saving bodies is just as important as saving souls.

Visit colleges and universities that you would like your child to attend. Let them know that you are there to stand along side of your child, and do it. It takes a whole family to get a child through college, get the whole extended family involved in your child’ education.

               You are responsible for getting your child in college.

               Do not depend on his/her high school to do it for you. If they do, consider yourself lucky, but you have the main responsibility; you decide, which social-economic class you want to live in and the type of life style you want for your child.

Encourage your child to take course that will make it possible for him/her to make a decent living. They can save the world after they save the self. Do not pay a fortune for you child to study courses, which prepares him/her to work in a minimum wage department store. American children are afraid of math, make an arrangement to place a certain amount of money into a bank account for him, for every math and science course taken and completed. The money will be a sound investment. Do whatever it takes to get your child to the future, well prepared to make money and keep his family out of poverty.

Maintain a good grade point average.

           Select courses relating to math, science or technology. Save the feel good courses for later. Support your student spiritually during the college years; many students become depressed at this time. Let them know you are in this with them.

Make sure they are scheduled for graduation and completed all the requirements. Sometimes students are a few units short, they may bring notes home for parents about this issue and forget to give the notes to the parents.

The school may have mailed the information to you concerning the progress of your child, but many parents work two or three jobs, and sometimes fail to open up mail. The reason is not important, step in now and make sure all requirements are up to date. Regardless how bright they are and appear to have answers for everything, they are still children, your children. This is not the time to teach responsibility and make them suffer through the realities of life, they are children in semi adult bodies and they need your help and support. College is like going on a brand new job without the tools to do the work. Let your child know that you are willing to walk along with him or her, and when they are ready to fly you will let them go. Flying to college is not an option; they must be psychologically driven to college, and physically walked through the beginning process.

Children that are not nurtured out of the nest at this stage, often drop out of college and return to the nest for protracted stays, usually staying in their room depressed and feeling like a failure. You are the parent and this is the last major step you must take to place your student in the environment, which will teach life skills, education for the real world and personal responsibility.



         You are in for the biggest shock of your life, all of those stupid things you did in your early years were sent on to meet you at this stage of development. You will discover “your record” this record consist of everything any teacher has said about you concerning your potential, progress and purpose. Hope and pray it was good and positive, if it was not, do some fence mending to repair any damage to your image. If you are a screw up, you are not going to make it through the independent stage of college.

If you are angry at life, college is an opportunity to turn that anger into achievement. Remember the best revenge is success; college takes you into another world, your world, private, personal and powerful. Remember the government guarantees you an education up until high school, and pay teachers to force you to sit for that education. After eighteen, you are on your own, no one will force you to attend college, and professors will not argue with you about your feelings on issues. Behavior and attitude are different in college.

Common sense will not get you through the college system. You need at least an IQ of 120 to get through college, so if you have been playing the “dumb jock or bunny” bit for your friends, it is time to smarten up. If you are short a few IQ points, make them up through reading and intellectual experiences. In other words find some smart people and socialize with them.

Associate with the best and leave the rest, gangs do not make it in college, and you about to enter the best and most important days of your life. Birth does not determine success in America, education does. Education is the equalizing force that has moved America to greatness. You may enter college in rags, but you have an opportunity to create a new life for yourself your family and your future. College is the chance to mold, develop and create the American dream; thousands of individuals would love to come here and get this transformational experience.

Education has transformed slaves, black and white, indentured servants, black and white, convicts and settlers, Ellis Island immigrants, and world immigrants into doctors, lawyers, engineers, financial managers, nurses, teachers, senators, congressmen and president. America’s greatest achievement is the African American, today the wealthiest most educated group of color on earth, and an inspiration to many developing countries. This was achieved through opportunity and the college experience. Millions of students of color enter and graduate from the colleges and universities all over the country, this is your chance, don’t mess it up.

        Treat your teachers with respect; you will need them for recommendations.

Respect means, at times, keeping your opinions to your self, and not taking your personal problems out on any one else. Learn to make friends, your future starts in early childhood, pay attention and always aim for the goal of being an effective adult.

The child is the father of the adult, so do not do anything in childhood that can and will destroy the future of the adult seed inside of you.

Many adults have been found sitting in jail cells instead of a college classroom because of the behaviors of the child within who was his father. Life is a serious responsibility, take charge, and do not let the spoiled child in you destroy your future.

Take the courses you do not like, but will provide you with the background to be accepted in college, or understand the information necessary to pass an entrance examination for college admission.

             No one will force you do the right thing; your success is determined by the degree to which you want a future that is not related to poverty and struggle. Associate with people and things that will lead you to where you want to go. Your associates influence and determine where you are going and what your future will be. Give thanks to God and your parents for giving you life.

The socio-economic circumstances into which you were born have nothing to do with you unless you internalize it as your identity. If the people who fell in love were poor, and they produced a child, that child will be born poor. Your parents did not determine your future; they just presented you with life. As soon as the age of reason and responsibility reveals itself in you, take charge of your life. The awakening and awareness comes at different ages and different stages. Usually by the age of twelve, a child has come into some understanding of who he is and what limitations or advantages are his or hers by virtue of their birth and economic class. It is also around this time where an understanding of intellectual abilities began to develop, if you are smart, and then the future can be bright depending on what you do with that smartness. If you are not smart, there is no problem, you will not know it, and life will guide you to your destiny. Do not get in your own way and make the struggles of live a difficult challenge. Make your peace with the world, you are going to need them, and look for angel guides who will come into your life and mentor you through the rough territory. Angels avoid kids with smart mouths and will not warn them about the mud holes they are about to fall into; follow your angel guide; he is the best friend you will ever need. If you are winning your battle against authority, this will be your only win, you must learn to submit – to a higher power – and wining is the name of the game.


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