Born Black is either God’s greatest joke on the human family, or the instrument through which She planted the seeds of greatness. Blackness has its own definition of life and rules of survival. Blackness is the core foundation of human beginnings, and from it sprang the diversity of human form and complexities. Black turns into white yellow and brown; black mixes the various adaptations of the human gnome and genetic adaptations to produce a rainbow spectrum identified as homo sapiens. Blackness is the ability to be flexible and adaptable as creatures made in the image and likeness of God fight for their place and purpose in the universe. Blackness is at the center of the human life cycle dynamics where each man serves his time as ruler or slave depending on the time frame, geography and environmental conditions. My awareness in Blackness started in America; here the cycle of who is on top and who is on bottom and the excitement of what happens in the middle made up my human journey to awareness.

 History is wrong, it must be changed. Teaching an incorrect history destroys the possible accomplishments of millions of people. Our education system starts in earnest with teaching the planned rules for stratification, meaning who is destined by divine design to be on top, who on the bottom, and the decision on how the rest of the world fits in the middle.

Start with a Nordic God, and build successful Nordic people around him, who look and act the way the Nordic God should act. Make slaves and inferiors out of all the people who do not fit the descriptions of this Nordic God and its people, and adjust written history to celebrate the accomplishments of this god and his peoples.

African Americans are not Nordic, they trace their lineage back to the God of Abraham, who traces His lineage to the histories and stories of a Nubian people. All information and accomplishments of a Nubian people must be eliminated from the memory banks of any and all peoples of color. The task of this elimination is the root cause for the failure of segments of the American education system. Students connected to the Nordic God belief system receive one curriculum of education preparation and education instruction, and do well in the system. A large segments of students find themselves in environments of inferior instructional preparations and inferior instructional delivery. Test scores of these students reflect preparation, presentation, evaluation and results, and worse of all, student blame. America can no longer afford to carry out this system of intentional failure. Educate all students the same way using the same curriculum for all. Since this is a religious battle, and religions love to fight, it will be difficult to achieve, unless the failure to do so would result in the failure of world leadership. Perhaps Asia, who has no Nordic God interest, and could care less about the children of Abraham, could motivate America to reconstruct its education system, just to make the game more interesting. China wants a worthy competitor, or she will set her table to eat America’s lunch.




 There is a problem in the American education system, and that problem centers on race. Race and education have cost the United States billions of dollars, and if not corrected, could cost America the leadership role in the world. Schools, colleges and seminaries need to review and change their expectations of students of color.

Educators cannot be trained to be effective in the general population if there is a preconceived idea that a significant proportion of the population is cognitively inferior to the rest. Pastors cannot be effectively prepared to minister to a congregation if there is the belief that sociological and psychological differences exist that could significantly affect the delivery of services.

America’s education system is tied up in race, and the data supporting that system is faulty. America’s religious system is tied up in race, and the delivery of a competent pastoral work force will be significantly impaired if the errors to the system are not corrected.

Are students of color receiving the same levels of attention required for success? Are the incorrect expectation levels of some students influencing the delivery of competent and honest support services? These questions should not have to be asked, however, the fact that they have been entertained in the spiritual development of some students must be addressed. Is religion the breeding ground for primitive racial beliefs and who is reaching a generation of increasingly empty churches with messages of truth, hope and God’s directions for living together?

Race is the third rail in America and to a large degree, the third rail of the world. In America there are two major wheels of transportation traveling on that rail and using its source of energy. Culture and beliefs rides the main transportation routes connecting the world income through history, sexual practices and a desire “ to go where no man has gone before.” (Gene Roddenbury, Star Trek series).

The New York City Museum of Natural History produced a poster several years ago showing a picture of the variety of Homo sapiens on earth. The picture had the heads of three men, A Negroid frontal head of a man, with a mongoloid male head attached on the left, and a Caucasian head attached and facing outwards to the right of the Negroid head.

Years of studying Anthropology at Columbia University in New York City, and extensive study and research at Teachers College, Columbia University in the field of education, have provided strong positions on both topics. Further research in religion at UTS Theological Seminary added a third Masters in Divinity, and a Doctor of Ministry credential to the right to speak on the topics of religion, education and race.

America is not alone in her struggle to address the challenges of the diversity in the family of man, and why the struggle to prove who is superior and who is inferior in the common need to be the man on top.

Europe, the home of the Nordic and Caucasian on the youngest continent with the smallest population, historically have used religion and education to subdue the majority of the earths population. Seventy five percent of the earth’s population has been educated to believe that they were created to serve one people by some mythical curse.

The Curse of Ham (also called the curse of Canaan) refers to a story in the Book of Genesis 9:20-27 in which Ham‘s father Noah places a curse upon Ham’s son Canaan, after Ham “saw the nakedness of his father,” because of Noah’s drunkenness in the tent, “and told his two brethren without”.The “curse of Ham” interpretation of Noah’s curse has been used by some members of Abrahamic religions to justify racism and the enslavement of people of Black African ancestry, who were believed to be descendants of Ham.[2][3] (Daly, John Patrick When Slavery Was Called Freedom: Evangelicalism, Proslavery, and the Causes of the Civil War (Religion in the South The University Press of Kentucky (31 Oct 2004) ISBN 978-0813190938 p.37

         They were often called Hamites and were believed to have descended through Canaan or his older brothers. Proponents of slavery in the United States increasingly invoked the “curse of Ham” in the US during the 19th century, as a response to the growing abolitionist movement.[4]

Sylvester A. Johnson (2004). The myth of Ham in nineteenth-century American Christianity: race, heathens, and the people of God. Macmillan. p. 37. ISBN 9781403965622.


Religion can get crazy, especially when economics become a variable in who is entitled to inherit the wealth of the earth. Education steps in with science to plan ways to convince the majority to give up rights to the minority. “Eugenics is a valuable case study which demonstrates how the prestige of science can be used to disguise the moral premises and motives for a social movement, and how class, racial, and other biases can exert powerful and damaging influence over such a movement while remaining virtually invisible to its advocates.”

In the early twentieth century, demands for sterilization of “unfit” citizens were carried out in the United States, Canada, Britain and Scandinavia, with similar efforts in other parts of Europe, and in some parts of Latin America and Asia. Europe and the United States hosted many institutes for the study of eugenics or “race biology,” and these theories were widely publicized inbooks, lectures and articles.

Europe and the United States have held secret beliefs that there are two classes of people, the superior and the inferior and it is the role of government to keep the two groups separate and under control.

Our education system is founded on Eugenic beliefs, and all individuals entering into the teacher preparation process goes through an indoctrination is Eugenics. The science is flawed resulting in the failure of teachers trying to be successful on jobs for which they are not prepared. Eugenics is the substitute for effective teacher training programs.

           America no longer speaks of Eugenics or social reproduction, the topic or conversation is not permitted or accepted. European research and studies continue to produce literature relating to how teachers view students, and the role of teachers in carrying out the wishes of society. America’s institutes of higher learning make reference to social status and historical position to predict future placements in the society.       The secret of the American dream is that the past does not predict the future. The children and great grandchildren of farmers, labors, slaves, indentured servants, the poor and oppressed coming to the shores through Ellis Island, are today’s doctors, lawyers, engineers and successful businessmen. America succeeds because of the miracle of a school system that permits teachers to close their doors and make the magic happen. Institutional guidelines put in place to maintain the status quo, were met with the spirit of individual teachers not interested in predicting the future but preparing students to meet the future with endless possibilities.

             Education in what is considered failing schools in some parts of the world achieves its purpose by maintaining the status quo, where lower-class children become lower class adults, and middle and upper class children become middle and upper-class adults. References will be made to research from different countries.

The informations is use here because it reflects some of the issues often avoided in discussion groups but relate to the belief systems of some American schools and some American teachers. Many teachers assume that students will have particular middle class experiences at home, and for some children this assumption isn’t necessarily true.

               Where teachers have used creativity and upgraded the curriculum and integrated student’s cooperative working methods into the curriculum, they observed academic strengths students displayed they had not been aware of before[1].[12] However few teacher deviate from the traditional curriculum, and the curriculum conveys what constitutes knowledge as determined by the state – and those in power [Young in [2][3]]. This knowledge isn’t very meaningful to many of the students, who see it as pointless[3].[8] Wilson & Wyn state that the students realize there is little or no direct link between the subjects they are doing and their perceived future in the labour market[4].[12] government subsidises ‘independent’ private schools enabling the rich to obtain ‘good education’ by paying for it[5].[3] With this ‘good education’, rich children perform better, achieve higher and obtain greater rewards. In this way, the continuation of privilege and wealth for the elite is made possible.


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