The Great Escape

Second born, second best and born to be nice and obedient, a sure fire receipt for a disastrous life. Eloise’s life started with all the makings of a Greek tragedy. The order of birth determines the supernatural factors in life. It determines how you are welcomed into […]

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Migration Causes and Patterns of African Americans Out of the South

The 1920’s were the best and the worst of times for Black people in America. It was the time of the great migration out of the South. Black people became tired of Jim Crow, segregation, and racist white people doing their best to work out their anger […]

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Leadership Challenges in Churches in Transition: A Study of Three Churches

Leadership Challenges in Churches in Transition:  A Study of Three Churches

                  Eleven o’clock Sunday morning has been called the most segregated hour in America; it is church time in the United States, and the time set aside to go to the various religious institution, which represent our faith. We may work together in areas of […]

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America is a Special Place

America is a special place. I like to say that it is God’s experiment on earth. America is the greatest recycling nation in the world. In a little over 200 years, we have turned what the world, at one time, considered trash, into gold.  In this land […]

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Visit to China

China was one of the greatest cultural challenges, which I have experienced in many years. I had completed the traditional research in preparation for the trip. I had research the Hotel accommodation and the weather. I thought I was prepared, but I was wrong.   Now, I […]

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