Black men in America should avoid using drugs, legal or illegal, at all cost. Drugs are the 21st century method used to capture a labor force for the underworld. Selling or using drugs is the path way and process to modern day institutionalized slavery. There are no Malcolm X’s, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Angelia Davis to inform the man of color of the traps used to trap modern day slaves. Blacks are stripped of their rights and citizenship, if and when they become labeled as Felons. The new slavery system depends on taking away all rights and freedoms and make individuals dependent upon a trillion dollar industry. Those who show potential leadership ability, are no longer lynched but merged into a capitalist society as millionaires. Blacks have the resources and skills to turn this evil around. It is time for another great migration, this time not of people leaving southern states, but colleges and universities marching to the north, east and west to save the historical and endangered black male child.

Historical Black Colleges and Universities and Historical Black Churches need to move north and establish educational sites in states where large populations of black males are dying. It is time to put  American black males in college seats and not prison benches. The world comes to America because of the extrodinary accomplishments in the transformation of marginalized groups. African Americans have made outstanding accomplishments and have contributed its gifts and talents to making this country great. There is however a blight on this accomplishment, we have the largest prison system in the world, with 2 million men, black and white wasting away. America cannot afford to have 2 million men in prison if she is going to compete in a world where China with its billions in human resources is rushing to put men in colleges and universities with the possibility of planning to take the leadership role in the world. 

We cannot afford throw away people, black or white, and the Historical southern institutions could serve the needs of Americans. Appalachia is ignored and male Americans black and white are caught in a system, which educates the selected and leaves out the needy. Historical Black colleges understand America and her roots. The colleges educate towards her strengths. The American male is independent in character and spirit, he is a stallion who refuses to be broken but can be trained with the right system of whispering. There is an American way, those young men smart enough to enter into military service receive the skills of the man whisper. It is the rites of passage for American males. Those who do not go through this rites of passage are doomed for paths of destructions, taking out their ignorance and frustrations on society, and society punishing them very severely. Those American males, black and white, who do not go through the rites of passage for manhood, become  illegal immigrants in the land of their birth. They cannot vote, receive food stamps, education benefits, employment or resources, they are forced to enter the underworld of slavery to survive and die young.

Those who want to live, find a way of reentering the penal system, for the three squares a day, a warm cot, good medical care and the security of an abusive father. 

In this penal system, they find structure, order, education and marketable skills.Many could not or would not sit in a classroom in communities lacking skills in parenting and education, but they sit in prison. Many had such horrible social skills, that they were in violent confrontations with all human interactions. Prison gave them survival skills, and demonstrated the power of authority to control basic survival needs such as food, water and shelter, what they thought they could do, they learned the rites pf prison passage. The prison population will be released at some point, and if individual return to environment, which created their ignorance, they will return to behaviors that resulted in separation in the first place. A massive education program must be set in place to train the returning warrior to family and community life. The education of the warrior is different from the education of women, but the same if the female too has been a victim of social and educational abuse. Sometimes some individuals must go through a death and resurrection and not return to home friends and family, sometime the secret of survival may  necessitate relocation. Never return to the slave camp to mate with other slave prisoners or victims. Have your  own funerals, experience your time of grief, and walk out to a new world as a new person with a new identity. Breaking out of the culture of poverty or the culture of prison requires a few deaths. Not physical deaths, but spiritual emotional and historical deaths, sometimes things must die so the future can live.

America needs to give citizenship papers to its returning warriors from prison, some battles are fought in service to the country in far away lands, and some battles are fought on the home front. Collateral damages for both are very high, the victims of the on going war on drugs, are still dying in the streets, with no Red Cross to be concerned about homelessness. Citizenship papers would give a warrior a change for a job, an opportunity for food stamd and other support services available while Americans get back on their feet. Education is the doorway out of poverty, and the vaccinations against the virus of prison. Prison is contageous, whole families may get the virus, it can be passed down through the genes. Some young men see a prison sentence as a time for a family reunion, a place to find all of the relatives. Prisons shoul not be a system of family reunions, a man should be able to find himself and his family outside of the prison system. Breaking out of the cycle of prison is the responsibility of the united states goverment, a nation of prisoners cannot be a strong nation, or a representative nation on how man is to live on earth.

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