Billions of dollars are given to educational instutions by individuals seeking to give back to a country they love. Bill Gates gave billions to colleges working with students of color. Ivy League Universities receive billions, so why are Americans drowing in student loan debt? University buildings are paid for, and colleges pay less than minimum wages to its adjunct professors, so where is all of this money going and who is receiving all of this money? Why are the Representatives of the Republic in Washington and state and local Houses of Representatives not paying attention to a financial injustice happening to millions of American families? Who is selling out America, who has sold our financial and educational institutions? Maybe it is time to stop fighting over presidential candidates over which we, the people have no control, and focus on the people for whom we voted to represent our better angels and daily concerns.

Colleges pay dirt cheap wages to its instructional staff, and charge large and ever increasing tuitions to students. America colleges operate like Airline line companies operating in America, they charge you for everything and pay minimum cost for instructional staff. Adjunct professor receive very little for the responsibility of preparing lessons, marking papers, delivering required and state of the art instructions. Professors must purchase all instructional materials on the embarrasing salaries they receive. Adjunct are in a secret slave group and subject to any type of treatment the institution and its administration delivers. This is happening at the same time when American citizens are drowning in student debt, a debt that has no relationship to the education they received in terms of operating cost. Congress sit by and permits this ponzi scheme type of education to exist in America. Congress does not ask where the money collected from student debt goes, congress does not care that life for many citizens is made miserable by collection agencies calling and threatening the quality of life of Americans. American citizens suffer like the helpless college professor, realizing that there is no help or concern from the sitting body of representatives in state capitals or Washington DC.

Working many years as a college professor, I was grateful to have the opportunity to work with students seeking to change the course of their lives. I was happy to be part of a process of transformation through education. I have had the privilege of seeing thousands of men and women come through that process and go on to live lives of respectability and accomplishments. None of my students were aware that the college was paying very little for my services, they were carrying enormous debt for the service they were receiving, but the professor providing that service was receiving very little.

I came across a college debt for my son, and I was upset to see the struggle he goes through paying this debt, taking care of a family and paying the cost for a son in an Ivy League university. All over America, families are struggling with debt they should not have, the buildings at the universities are all paid for, the institutions give nothing away free, and Americans are giving billions of dollars to these institutions to help students.

It is time for America to ask some big questions, and those questions center around, why are we struggling with banks foreclosing on property, why are we struggling with confusing health insurance, and when will we ever pay off student debt with the increasing interest rates and penality cost?

In America, we believe in capitalism, a man is entitled to profit from his work. We love profit and ownership. A businessman should make enough profit on his business to buy 10 yatchs if he wants, but when he purchases the 11th yatch, we begin to ask, are his prices too high, did he undercut the wages of his employees to pay for the 11th yatch? Lets be fair, capitalism is not built on hurting others to make wealth, but why are students being charged for building already paid for, and why are students charged for instructions from professors receiving slave wages? Just something I was thinging about as a Native American. 








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