American churches sit empty, the pews warmed by the few remainig senior citizens wait for their turn to be call up to the heavenly gates to rest with Jesus. Problem is Jesus has delayed the heavenly call and has instead extended the lives of our seniors, but has given them little to do with this extended time. Where are the children and young families? A church without children is a dying church, and churches are dying every week in America. God has extended the lives of seniors because He has something for them to do. Fill my churches and feed my people. Young people are hungry for the Word of God, but there is noone to give the Word. Our young families substitute the Word of God for “thumb talking” technology not requiring throught but the speed of texting, words without sounds, ideas without visible people. The emptiness inside is medicated with prescriptions drugs designed to alter and change perceptions of reality. Church doors are locked during the week to prevent the young from using the church for unholy activities, God forbid, youth would have fun in the house of God. Perhaps it is time for seniors to heal the present through restoring the past. Bring back the glorious memories that seniors have stored in their heads, stories of how churches really work for the effectiveness of God’s glory.

The Church was a major institution in the lives of the community and provided the social service needs of the community. Congregations played significant leadership roles in the church, and were considered role models for the community. Political decisions, economic decision, relational decisions and education decisions were sanctioned and formulated in these sacred locations. Men and women of outstanding intellectual ability served in positions of leadership in the church. The Church operated its own teacher training academies; where men and women learned the skills of organizational development, classroom management skills, lesson planning and instructional delivery. Churches operated their own after school programs, Sunday school programs, adult Bible study classes and Seminaries. People viewed Jesus as a living Savior, guide counselor and friend. It was He who made it possible to endure difficult circumstances in the personal realm and the political realm of society.

The Church prevented the development of emotional and mental victim personalities as the results of individuals in the outer society placing obstacles in the pathway of progress for youth and families. Jesus was a God of love, and the Church and Christianity taught people how to truly love the enemy and not permit the sins of the enemy to become their sins.

Men were encouraged to study and become preachers, and women were encouraged to study and become teachers. These preachers would hold the family of God together while they endured the trials of living in a hostile environment. The teachers would dedicate themselves to the task of educating the children so that they would be prepared for a world of the future free of oppression. Teachers were believers of a better world and a better future here on earth.

Black Christianity focused on the quality of life on God’s earthly plane, while at the same time helping Christians to understand that there was life after life, with God in the heavenly realm. The Black Church and Black Christianity had the most effective anti depression and anti neurotic program in the country. Black Christians learned that the attitudes of the behaviors of other Christians, were not their concern, and they had to work out their own soul salvation.

Black Christians learned how to avoid the psychotic behaviors of other Christians who were determined to destroy them in mind, body and spirit. There was a spiritual separation of the two groups and a separation of theologies presented in the churches. Black Christians learned a Black theology, and a theology of liberation




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