America needs to build 10,000 colleges a year. People colleges, colleges that reach the people where they are and serve the needs of the nation. America needs police colleges, Plumbing colleges, machinery colleges, medical colleges, nurses colleges, parenting and famil values college. America needs farming colleges, animal care colleges. We need goverment colleges, state and local resource colleges. Special needs colleges, military colleges, business development and management colleges. Women colleges and men colleges where diversity of issues and requirements are studied. America needs college planting all over the country, we know how to educate, it is time to make education, not the public school type, but a higher structure and order designed to make the type of citizen our great nations require and needs.

We spend billions of dollars on a failed public school system resulting in a uneducated population. We spend more millions on drug rehabilation, which does not work, resulting in an epidemic of legal and illegal drug addiction with no solution demonstrated. We are doing something wrong, but we do know how to do it right. We have placed the prison industry on our stock market, resulting in a billion dollar industry dedicated to the American final solution, we do not burn our people in ovens, we lock them up and destroy their future. Our prison system is our final solution for an unwanted people. The southern part of our country, as does Australia, traces its heritage to the unwanted of Europe. These unwanted slaves, indentures servants, convicts and settlers created two great countries. It is time for America to take this land and this people to a higher level. We demonstrated that we could survive, now it is time for the other America to have a chance at the fruit of the resources provided by their ancestors. It is time to bring Appalachia and all of America into this new Israel created by God. Colleges should be in every town and community. Colleges should be in walking distances for all Americans. It is in college where we learn to be responsible men and women. It is in college where we learn responsibility. It is in college where we learn to stop talking and produce quanity and quality of work on given assignments. It is in college where we learn how to structure and order lives for productive futures. It is in college that we do not need family friends, and people who care about us and protect us, in college it is about you and you are on your own. It is in college that the child becomes a man and learns the responsibility of adulthood. Many jobs today have to train and retrain Americans how to take and be responsible on a job. Colleges will have the responsibility of making individuals job ready. Colleges will teach grooming and body management. It is in college that learning about body care and presentation is learned. College teaches that what you present to the world, tells the world who you think you are. It is in college that we learn how to control feelings and to organize our thinkings. We sell our minds and not our bodies and we teach others to respect our thoughts and not analyze our bodies. Our bodies are temples of our God, and not displays for mankind. We learn to keep our secrets and share the wisdoms of our mind. College helps us to learn how to build on the wisdom of others, from Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Jesus, Mohamed Buddah, and Confucious. We learn the wisdom of Egypt, Nubia and the western worlds.

 The world comes here to America because of our outstanding education system, and achievable transformation goals. We change the world, it is time to change America. America need help, the silent suffering people of America needs help. If we can transform China with her 1.3 billion people, we can transform America’s 300 million.

It is not about economics or resources, it is about the will to do the right thing. Today in America, the rich, the motivated and the sponsored make it through the maze set up to keep the masses down and out of the game.

It is time to make success available to all. America can no longer afford to teach a doctrine of failure to its citizens in order to secure a place for the rich and priviledged. There is one America, and it is time to treat all Americans as one America. Darwin was wrong. Survival does not belong to the fittest. Survival is the role of mankind. We help each other survive. The strong help and nurture the weak until they too become strong. Like a parent nurturing the weak and newborn infant until the adult presents itself. The organizational structure is in place, the money is in place, the problem is the will to do the right thing. Many find profit in failure, and may step in to try to prevent success from materializing. I remember teaching in a school district in New York City, where the failure of the students made big profits for vendors, and teachers were punished for success. Believe it or not failure of minority student was considered big business for those hired to pretend to make changes. Failure of large sections of the country is big business for drug companies and law enforcement agencies. So the idea of eliminating failure will not be greeted as positive for many people. Health and service agencies deliver poor quality of service to the poor and I am not talking about the minority poor. College for everyone will adverserly influence these agencies. Some America businesses need failure.. It takes courage to bite the bullet and fight for a fair America. Educate America, and America will fight for itself. First it is necessary to get America into college, from nursery to university, it is time to educate America to her future.

College is different than public school. Colleges respects the individual and does not teach role separation and ethnic stratification for the purpose of blocking opportunities. In college the focus is on the course and the career and what is required for success.

Experts and professionals, people who know how to do things are brought in to teach others what is required.  New York City placed an entire education around the public school system, and hired professions to educate students, the public school suggested could not be educated because of race, language and parental envolvement. The hated charter schools demonstrate that professionals can and do teach all children, something the Catholic and private schools have been doing for centuries.

Public schools teach nothing but how to comply with rules and regulations designed to eliminate the creative expression. Public Schools in upscaled communities operate the way private schools operate. They hire the best and expect them to do the job. America knows how to teach, america must accept the concept that all students deserve the same quality education.

College teaches how to guide the creative expression into a profitable career. Colleges teaches how to develop attitudes and skills needed by advances societies. How to manage people and resources is not common sense, but learned skills. How to maintain property and resources must be learned. Traditionally society mentored and guided its young into crafts and skills that would benefit the group, clan, society. Thousands of young are thrown out into the streets still dragging umbilical cords attached to nothing and must learn how to survive or die. Thousans turn to drugs and gangs to survive a society that symbolically eats its young. America needs its own people to fill the jobs going begging in the country.

America gladly welcomes immigrants, because they come with the skill sets to fulfill these jobs. It is time to educate America to America’s needs. We need colleges to do the job, we need thousands of colleges. We have some very fine colleges, but we need more. We need recruiters from these colleges that will drag  people kicking and screaming to the doors of these colleges, and told to sit down, shut up, listen and learn, how to make life work. Dedicated home grown educational missionaries  must go out into the hills and valleyes of America and convert the forgotten masses to God’s Kingdom here on earth. We need banking colleges, childcare colleges, young adult colleges, social development and social esteem colleges for our people.

We need social services colleges and senior citizens colleges. We need diversity and multicultural colleges. We need Torah, Bible and Koran colleges focusing on ancient sacred writings. We do not need brain washing colleges but brain freeing colleges.

These colleges should be free and tax exampt. We spend billions caing for the uneducated in our prison system, it is time to turn away from a feeder system to our prison, and place Americans in college seats, where they can become productive tax payers and put into the system.

There are many empty and under utilized churches in the country, it is time for America to get back into the real church business and start planting colleges. The secret of wealth is that you must give it away, and it will return to you double and tripple. God is wealth in circulation, it is time for America to get into the God, not religious business. This plan will address, poverty, hunger, drug addiction and do what America does best, help the world through transformations of its people and future. We may not elect the president, but we do elect the Congress, and it is time for our congress to stop selling our nations to special interest groups paying for the right to make money from suffering.

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