America is a Special Place

America is a special place. I like to say that it is God’s experiment on earth. America is the greatest recycling nation in the world. In a little over 200 years, we have turned what the world, at one time, considered trash, into gold.  In this land we have the sons and daughters of black slaves, white slaves, black indentured servants, white indentured servants, convicts and settlers. Today the sons and daughters of the oppressed and the oppressors have become doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers, college professors, presidents, senators and governors. People, who were bitter enemies in far away lands, live, work and play, peaceably in one nation.


Some, black and white, were dragged here in chains to be a labor force for King George 111, of England, who needed the goods and services from the colonies. The British North American colonies were considered a punishment for most people coming here. Few came for the romantic reason of freedom of religion, fewer even came as settlers, looking to start a new life. Ellis Island research data suggested that 75% of all people coming out of Europe, to the colonies were not free. Boatloads of convicts were shipped over to the new world to help relieve the poverty and the violence, which covered most of Europe.


The demand for goods and services became so great that it was necessary for England to negotiate with the more populated countries of the world for a labor force. Africa and Asia, had consistently held the record of high birth rates, so when there was a need for people, that is where the European powers went.


Africa is the cradle of civilization, and to suggest, as our history books tend to do, that Europe was able to conquer a continents, and kidnap its people, and drag them to a new world, would not seem possible, but that is what millions of school children are taught. Research suggest that through the use of religion, anthropology, money and the control of information, England, and later America has played the greatest con job in the world on millions of peoples.


Anthropologist went in and studied the behaviors of the African peoples, and when finding their weakness, sent in missionaries to work the field. The capitalist world, negotiated with significant tribal leaders, and a deal was cut to provide an able-bodied labor force for the new world. North Africa also became part of this human transport system, reaching into sub-Saharan  Africa, for its rich source of human capital.


Chinua Achube, the African scholar, writes in his series of books about Africa, a detailed description of how the European was able to get into the continent, and appear to have power and control of some areas. In his book, Things Fall Apart, he writes beautifully and movingly about some of the problems the African communities were experiencing. Anthropologist moved in and determined that some women were unhappy with some traditional customs. Specifically the custom of men deciding on life and death decisions effecting newborn infants. Achube discusses, the class system, and how the poor were treated. Missionaries brought salvation and Christianity to the poor and oppressed, and little by little gain a strong hold into communities.


During the period of slavery in the colonies, special efforts were made to convert all slaves. It was believed that with Christianity, it would be easier to control the slaves. Christianity is the significant factor as to why slavery was able to last so long in the new world. Christianity separates the secular world from the sacred world. Slaves were taught that, the secular world belonged to the white man, and the sacred world belonged to them. They would enter their world upon death, and would receive all of their rewards for being faithful.


This is also the same system used on some poor peoples in this country, and in some Latin American countries, where the Catholic Church is the dominant religion.


The protestant church kept slavery and low expectation on an even footing in the British North American Colonies, and America.


It was the invention of the Black Church, which provide and avenue to free the mental abilities, and true spirituality of a people who were conditioned to believe that God considered them second-class citizens, and to please God, they should be obedient and patient.


Black churches became, not only religious centers, but also university centers where individuals learned the skills necessary for them to be successful in a competing society. What the schools failed to teach the children, the church would fill in the gaps. It was the Black Church with its using the Bible as a text book, taught the rules of grammar, history and public speaking, which enabled many young men and women to become successful in the outer world.


Other religious groups began to adopt the religious and academic support services started by the Black church, and as a results, many foreigner students are able to compete in a society, which was unfamiliar to them


Today, I call on senior citizens to enter into and continue the work started in times of trouble and stress. During the periods after slavery, more young people were in school and in college than in prison. It is safe to say that many of our young people are diverted from the college classroom, to the prison classroom. Many complete their education at the expense of a planned penal system. If we can get two million young men in college, we would have continued on our assignment of being the hands of God in this new land.


The African was sent over here because of his special gifts and skills. It was those gifts and skills, which made it possible for America to be. The African is the heart and soul of America, and every original American has the blood of three continents running through their veins. The American is African, European and Native American (Asian).  The European would still be fighting each other if it were not for the presence of the African. The Native American would still be living on the plains, if it were not for the presence of the African. Africa made the America look at herself and decide who and what she wanted to be as a society. Thousand of young men gave their lives, bring this nation into existence, and it was the African indentured servant and the white indentured servant, fighting together, in what was called the Bacon rebellion, which caused the King of England to eventually lose control of the colonies. It was again the African, the symbol of injustice, in a society, which called itself just, which caused America to face the cancer in her heart. The operation was costly, 650,000 men died, to define this nation. Today, nations of the world look at our hard fought struggle, and us and use our history and our strength to encourage them to make significant changes in their identity as a people. The 1.5 billion people of China are copying us, as it seeks to become the largest capitalist country in the world.


We are better than we think we are, and we have so much more to do. God has sent the people of the world here to America to make His kingdom on earth.

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