America is hurting. America is in pain, and that pain has resulted in a climate of lack of civility towards each other. We are rude to each other, we attack each other physically and verbally over minor incidents. We drive our cars with road rage, we bully chat buddies in chat rooms and social media. We are angry, we are hurting, and noone is paying attention to the cause of that pain.During Biblical times, man blamed the gods for their problems, and searched for way to please the gods and reduce their anger. Animal and human sacrifice was introduced, and the concept of “blood” as the fluid the gods wanted to calm over heated dispositions. Abraham, the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, was directed to kill his son and offer the child’s flesh and blood to the angry gods. The child was saved and another animal gave its flesh and blood.In America, the gods are again angry, and the people are offering the blood of black men, policemen, gay men, Mexicans, new immigrants and anyone able to fit on the alter of slaughter.America needs to deal with her issues and stop trying to sacrifice the blood of its neighbors to please unworthy gods.We are hurting because of health care, education, jobs, psychological issues and just plain meanness. It is time for our politicians to man up, step up to the plate and do the right thing inspired by the God of the universe. Put away the hate and try love.

This short Anthropological overview of America and her education and religious challenges should help the reader to understand something about who we are. America is a nation of creative thinkers- through art- science and education – problems of the world are viewed in an atmosphere of entertainment- and science. Answers come to problems- when man can step out side of logical thought and experience the other that God has for this world.

There are problems in our education system, Americans are not receiving the same quality and equal education. Americans are not receiving the same and equal quality health care and services. America is still in the lynching business, but she “has taken it indoors into our prison system.” We put those who we do not like or value away for life, or place the death sentence on their heads. We are still in the sacrifice business, but this time we sacrifice peoples of color and poverty. It is time to discover who decides the issues, which control the lives of Americans, and what can be done to correct injustice to peoples of color, language, Appalachia, and difference.

The world came to America- and brought all of its problems with them. They also brought with them- gifts and talents- which America intelligently incorporated into a system of discovery and innovation- and made it her own.  In America – the educational system demands that those who can, help those who cannot- resulting in placing the challenges of America on the front page of all media. America’s greatest challenge was righting the wrongs generated by previous generations – straightening out Europe’s mess of the past- specifically England and her colonies.

America had to correct the wrongs of the past while at the same time designing the space ships to take man into to places – no man has gone before. First we had to have this American Revolution – freeing the spirit and hope of everyman – to life, liberty, and at least the pursuits to happiness. England was not giving up easily – trying again to get her colonies back. Free men again took to the battle field – in the war of 1812 – to make the Mother Land accept that we were a free people- destined to always be free. Still laden down with England’s mess- America had to deal with the issue of a new nation half free and half slave. The nation prepared for a battle not heard of since Biblical times- the core of humanity and what it meant to be human was to be decided. Was man a soul or was he property- and who has the right to take away another man’s property.

Man as property would usher in the battle for the soul and body of humanity- and this new land was to be the battleground on which thought and consciousness was to be fought. This battle would put brother against brother – family against family – religion against human rights and a nation against its own people. America fought and won that battle and in doing so defined who she was and what sacrificial steps she was willing to take to define herself as a new nation doing a new thing – inspired by God. Red blood poured into the soil of America battle – grounds – the blood of white men bleeding and dying so that black men would be free. Joined on those battle – fields were the bodies of diversity fertilizing the land – destined for great things- known only to the mind of God. Asia has no such history- supreme sacrifice on the cause of diversity. The Revolutionary war introduced who we were – as a people- and the Civil War defined us as a people – all made in the image and likeness of God. So when people try to compare nations and intellectual accomplishments- let us remember that America is founded on the principles – written in blood – of love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Asia has had over 3,000 years to make her mark on the world – America is a little over 200 years- in that times she has made it possible for former slaves to become the most educated- wealthiest peoples of color- with a purchasing power in the trillion- and turned the rejects of Europe into captains of industry. The world comes here because of our success- not our failures. Study our history before making comparisons- few if any nations in the modern world can boast of such outstanding accomplishments .

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