America has the best education system in the world. We were the country and the education systems, which educated and transformed the millions of Ellis Island Immigrants, coming here in rags into captains of industry. It was the American education system, which educated and transformed the lives of millions of African Americans migrating out of hateful environments in the southern states of America, and making them the wealthiest most educated peoples on earth with a purchasing power in the trillions. We know how to do it, so what happened?

The planned failure of the American education system is a by product of the Cold War and the fight for racism. People actually sat in back rooms and planned how to bring down a country through the destructions of its education system. Plans were actual developed through curriculum courses in colleges to discourage the teaching of basic academic skills such as spelling, grammar, phonetics, and reading and writing skills. Teachers were forebidden to teach strategies and problem solving skills, and classes producing high performing test result could result in some teachers becoming subject for investigation. Teachers were also taught an Eugenic curriculum, strongly suggesting that minority students, African Americans specifically, and poor students in general, were incapable of academic learning. The average American will say this is crap, no such thing would or could happen, but it could and it did, and resulted in the fall of the greatest education system in the world.

The failure of this plan, when and where it happened, was the results of brave spiritual teachers, black and white, who decided to close their doows and teach student above and against directives. Teachers saved students, they did not save the system, and those who saved the students and placed them in college seats rather than prison benches, were Jews Protestant RCC and God people in general.



The Rise, Fall And Rise Of American Education 

             Education is controlled by the government, the government is controlled by the status quo who have gained position and power by maintaining its positions. The purpose of our education system is to maintain that level of control. This is achieved through a system called stratification. Through stratification the rich are educated to be rich the poor are undereducated to be poor. The state controls the education systems, which produces its agents to do the work of maintaining the status quo. The status quo works on a belief system founded in German Eugenics, this system suggest that there are superior superior human beings and inferior human beings and equality is impossible. American education system starts out with this hypotheses making it impossible to provide a quality education to the poor. The poor have been smart and plant themselves inside the educational systems of the rich making it almost impossible to educate around them. They work as janitors in buildings zoned by the state to educate the rich, and they send their children to the forbidden schools selected for the rich.The puupose of these zoned schools controlled by the powerful, “is to reproduce existing inequalities, as well as legitimise ‘acceptable’ ideas which actually work to reinforce the privileged positions of the dominant group.”[1]

In America the purpose of education is to maintain the class structure; the results of this is that and it is failing in the market place. It is behind in competitions with emerging nations of color having goals of education through excellence of entire populations.

America cannot afford to continue this game of Eugenics in education by maintaining the status quo, where children of the poor children become economically poor adults, and middle and upper class children become middle and upper-class adults. This not always been the case in America; the immigrants excaping poverty and oppression in Europe, poured in through Ellis Island, and settled into poor urban centers and received a quality education. Millions of African Americans escaping oppression in the southern states also transported to these promise sites of equality and justice. The promise was delivered and both groups received a quality education. The state and its agents had the responsibility of educating these masses seeking relief from oppression. The state fulfilling its obligation developed education systems responsible for creating the greatest generation of achievers, black and white. The church was responsible in equalizing the performance of black students, and social service community centers had the responsibility of helping the immigrant student. Both groups provided support services for families, and both groups were expected to help parents with domestic responsibility.

During the war time there were many single parents raising children while the men were off to war. Agents of the state did not assume because a child was being cared for by a single parents that the child was incompetent. This change in education excellence developed because second generation members of the immigrant group aligned itself with the dominant group and transported ideas from Europe into the country.

Groups freeing itself from oppression in other countries slowly entered into the positions of the status quo and “ over time, closely aligned education with middle class values and aims, thus alienating people of other classes”. [2] It is interesting that some of the work on this subject comes from European countries suggesting that similar situation are being challenged in other parts of the world. America is uncomfortable in addressing these issues. America likes to think that she is the land of equality and the idea of planned failure for select populations is unthinkable.

America perfers to blame social conditions within the family and cognitive deficiencies, relating to race are responsible for poor academic performances. The fall of the American education system occurred when the children of the poor and oppressed grew up and became the oppressor. Hired as agents of the state to maintain the status quo. Science was developed to prove the inferiority of students and soldiers of the invisible army of genocide slowly marched mills into the ovens of doom. Millions were placed on these slow marches, and America is beginning to wake up and see that these marches include many blued eyed and blond middle class students caught in this educational failure. The children of the status quo were being caught in this doom marches. The more the status quo fought against education equality for all children the more of their own children were being caught and destroyed. College graduates were graduating and only qualifying for job working in minumum wage positions of fast food service industry. America was faced with an unprepared labor forces to meet the challenges of a technological 21st century. The Pacific Rim could out educate us and out their children could out perform us on our own test. If this society thinks the Obamacare program, which challenged the status quo in health care delivery was upsetting, wait until the Obama education delivery system gets to congress. The status quo has bought and paid for congress and education barons have dispatched lobbyist to Washington to prevent any change in a system designed to change the society.

 New York City has built and duplicated education system around the status quo resulting in two education systems in NYC. Those who can afford private schools and those who are lucky enough to get into Charter schools receive one education and the remaining population is stuck attending public education controlled by powerful forces.

The state controls these powerful forces and lobbyist are out in full geer to see that no change takes place. Anyone advocating for change is demonized and failure in education has become a religion of the fundamentalist dedicated to support scripture unchanged. No new ideas or programs can be added to these sacred scriptures of educational failure, where even the poor fight for the rights of their children to attend failing schools.

Taking on the colleges and universities will take a Moses, fighting the Pharos of status quo, to let the people go. Holding an entire country in cognitive bondage has been the goal of this invisible power for 30 years, it is time to let the people go. Egypt needs all of her people and a country cannot survive have dumb and half smart. It is time to end the planned dumb down process and free the people.

The citidals of power making resides in the classrooms of the colleges and universities preparing teachers. Change the concept of teaching, change the idea that teaching to the test is cheating. Change the concept of discovery without input. All knowledge is built on other knowledge, and if students are not given the tools of knowledge, then how can they discover the world’s truths.

Teachers are educated to expect low performance from students and student fulfill that expectations.

Again we return to foreign countries for research on failing education populations through deliberate manipulating of education delivery systems.[3]

Teachers are caught in the middle of all this confusion they can only teach what they have been taught. They are the creators of the status quo, they create the failures of the society, just as the generation before them created the success referred to as the greatest generation. First the teachers must be saved and then the teachers can save the country. The teachers suffer in silence and confusion and a significant number drop out of the system burned out from fighting invisible foes. Change the curriculum and the whole system will change. Change the curriculum and you can save the teacher. Change the curriculum and you can change the students. Change the curriculum and you can change the family and the society. Change the curriculum and you can guarantee that America will continue to be the leader of the free world. Change the curriculum and you can save public education. Public education built this great nation, and some are using this same public education to destroy a country.

Changing a curriculum is the responsibility of the state. Congress operates the country and congress will have to decide that the good of the country is more important than the deep pockets of lobbyist paying them to be soft terrorist in the destructions of the country through its education system.

           Where teachers have adjusted the curriculum and integrated student’s preferred working methods into the curriculum, improvements were observed in particular students and they demonstrated academic strengths they had not been aware of before. Support for this position again comes from foreign countries[4] as this is almost a forbidden topic in American education. In America’s state operated public schools few teacher deviate from the traditional curriculums, and the curriculum conveys knowledge as determined by the state – and those in power.

       What can we learn from other countries gapling with this problem of how to keep the masses dumb while sustaing the rights of the status quo? Wilson & Wyn state that the Students are aware of the games being played on them and are helpless to do anything about it, many “ realise there is little or no direct link between the subjects they are doing and their perceived future in the labour market.”[5]   Anti-school values are often derived from a rebellion against a system, which seeks to sacrifice them in the name profit and maintaing the interest of the status quo.

Daniel P. Moyniahan[6] writes “…economic aid alone could not bring equality for blacks in America. His reason: the black family, marked by female-headed households, high illegitimacy and absent fathers, had been destroyed by slavery and left trapped in “a tangle of pathology” that impeded real progress for black Americans.” Many blacks were angry at Moynihan’s analysis, but that was the typical belief of the American society at the time the report was published. Colleges and universities, scholars and political leaders “ depicted blacks as demoralized victims of racism.”

Moynihan can almost single handed be considered the father of the destruction of quality education in America, and what said about America’s minorities was duplicated by sociologist all over the world. Sargent “believes that for working class students, striving to succeed and absorbing the school’s middle class values, is accepting their inferior social position as much as if they were determined to fail.”[7] Fitzgerald states that “irrespective of their academic ability or desire to learn, students from poor families have relatively little chance of securing success”[8]. It is time for America to decide if it is willing to pay billions of dollars for an failed education system, or demand excellence for its money. Now just wait until the elephant in the room is touched and see congress go into its monkey dance again as it did when the third rail of health care was touched. It is time to get rid of German sociology designed to spread Eugenics around the world, and focus on the business at hand. The business of America is business, and part of that business is the education of its citizenery. Those intrusted with that task have failed, they have delivered a poor product for extremely high economic investment. This is poor management. America cannot afford racism, it is too expensive and is becoming a national security issue. If American students cannot compete with China, then the security of the nation is at risk. China is a nation of color and if the world of color over takes the world of preceived privilege, where will America stand? As a multicultural nation America must come down on the side of wining and she must release the intellectual energies of all of her peoples. If the intellectual energies are being dumb down by failed curriculum guides, then it is time to review and revised those curriculum guides. Teachers can teach for excellence, when they are free to use intellectual gifts of choice and are not hampered by curriculums design to create inferiority and maintain the status quo. The rich and the middle class bailed out of our public education system long ago, but they are still contributing with their tax dollars to supporting a system designed to keep them in power.


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