America is going through an emotional and psychological crisis, and in New Jersey some people are checking out of life. This is a time for the white depressed to walk the path of their black brother and learn how to survive and excell all adversities. Do not move out of life, cross the George Washington Bridge and move to Harlem. Pack up the family and the kids and move. You will find good schools, good friends, good neighbors, who will not judge you, because they are too busy rebuilding their own life. You will not need a car because public transportation is first rate.Your children will gain strong neurological strength and they learn how to focus and pay attention to urban living. Jobs are plenty and the pay is good and the excitement of creating a new you will give meaning, purpose and fun to your life. Visit the Ellis Island Museum and study how your ancestors went from rags to riches,follow the guidelines and you too may get back on financial track, or find the wisdom to blaze a new path. Find a church, an interracial church, do not check out on God because She will not check out on you.

Change The Reality Of Your Mind And You Can Change Your Life – Doors to a different future

       You can rewrite the historical scripts of your past and change the direction of your future. If you can think- it you can achieve it, learn to order and if necessary change your thoughts. Racism is a well planned out system of teaching the strong to believe they are weak- the smart to think they are dumb and the powerful to believe they are powerless.

It is a process where by the minority program the minds of the majority to accept images relating to a different reality, and so adjust the subconscious, that individuals will deliver and support their own destruction.

Slavery and segregation involved the biggest sophisticated con job in human history. The survival and resurrection of a modern day Lazarus will continue to be research topics for centuries.

Man through his mind has the ability to go into his own historical banks and recreate characters, themes and behaviors with out comes of his own life. Rather the look at re-run of tapes played over and over again in the head, it is possible to stop and edit the memory tapes, and even rewrite the scripts so that events are different. God is the author of our lives, but man and human events adjust our God script to conform to realities more comfortable with the status quo. Let no man write your script of life, and when and where necessary go back into your memory tapes and make you the hero of all your life stories. The subconscious will not know the difference, but will affirm any and all information coming through its neurological systems, and create people and circumstances in you life based on your life – real or adjusted. If you were born into circumstances of poverty, create a memory tape of wealth and prosperity.

           The question is often asked where do people find the strength to over come difficult life situations, the answer is they learned to deny the reality of their own existence and recreate other realities in their own mind. The mind will follow the realities you create and agree as the truth of your existence. The mind will attract to you people and events that will confirm the recreated reality.

If you live in poverty and see wealth, then wealth will eventually come to you in your generation or in the generation of your children. This suggests that visualization of the type and quality of life you want for yourself is important. You will attract to you the environments visualized, and will develop the mental and physical energies necessary to make changes in directions and associations to achieve goals.

Poverty is designed to maintain its system; carefully attention to details and the ability to delay instant gratification will enable you to escape its powerful magnetic control. Poverty has its own support system and breaking out of the system is impossible.

The attention to doing the impossible will become one of the greatest and life fulfilling adventures of your life. There is no greater joy than looking at poverty from the other side of the door and realizing you have made the great escape.

Each economic and social environment will have all the goods and services required to maintain the economic conditions of that environment. Economically challenged environment will not have schools, teachers, churches, government workers, books or supplies to help poor children leave the environment. The people, goods and supplies necessary to sustain the status quo are all in that environment.

America is one of the few countries in the world that gives families an opportunity to change social status through sacrifice, education and triple work schedules. Your zip codes often determines if your child will go to prison or the university, the name of the game is changing zip codes as quickly as you can, and by any means possible. If you have male children, they are the most fragile, try to find the most boring neighborhood that you can afford to live in.

The system cannot teach around you, place yourself in the center of the best group you can find and afford. Avoid ethnic neighborhoods if possible, try to get placement in a school system that services a multicultural group, and that does not mean multicultural minority groups. Parents, in the past, have secured apartments in choice neighborhoods through employment as the superintendent of the building. Zones and zip codes are designed to separate classes, and there are no written plans for getting around the class structure, you live where you can afford, and the better schools are in the higher rent districts.

Live as high as you can afford, sacrifice designer shoes and clothes for a designer address, the sacrifice will pay off later. Breaking out of the culture of poverty is impossible, but the impossible happens all the time. You swallow the crap to avoid the trap. If your children become problematic in school, the school will ship him back to his zoned district quicker than you can blink, therefore it is necessary to eliminate entitlement attitude or hostility from the behavior traits of your children; private school education is expensive, and quality public school education is reserved for select groups in select communities.

If you are hostile and combative, your children will be hostile and combative, and a hostile and combative child cannot study. Learn from other parents and find out where the doorways are, and then get your children through the doorway. If you want to spend your time fighting for causes and social justice, that will be your reward, you will gain fame, but your children will not get an education and make the transition and transformation necessary to break out of the culture of poverty.

Sometimes angels come and lift a family or a child out of the pathway of poverty and makes it possible for that child to receive an education, but you must attract these angels; sometimes immigrant families bring battles from the homeland to the American shores, they often fail because of lack of understanding. Millions break out of the culture of poverty each year – they do so by careful planning and education, poverty in America should last one generation.    

If you are still living in poverty in the second generation, then something is wrong. Health issues will prevent mobility, and parenting skills gone wrong can give a child a sense of false pride, security and take the attention away from roadblocks designed to maintain the status quo. Each social group has its own set of attitudes, behaviors and expectations. If a family desires to move from one social group to another, they must first as a group design a plan to adjust and adopt the behaviors of the group they intend adopt. Eliminating the culture of poverty is done by attitude, attire, language, behavior and associations, not easy but possible. Human systems are designed to support themselves destroy those seeking to break out of a planned stratified position. The awareness of group placement can be determined through observation of surrounding people places and things.

The better environments get the better schools, teachers, police, and fire and government services. If your children hang on street corners seeking external gratification rather than libraries or churches developing internal strength, you have an indication of your group structure. Leaving groups is difficult, group members will comment on you trying to be something you are not, but that is exactly what you are trying to do, this will be difficult to accept because it is human nature to want to be accepted.

You must feel uncomfortable in a group in order to change – acknowledge within your mind that you are not poverty – and poverty does not define the image you have of yourself. You will not get outside support, individuals or entire families must make the decision who- they want to be – and change to that type of individual. Any family can work itself out of poverty in one generation – if it is willing to do the right thing. You know you are trapped in the culture of poverty if your grandmother was on welfare, your mother was on welfare and you are pregnant on welfare.

Do not touch the fruits of physical love until you have made a plan to get out of poverty. Study the plan and work the plan. The sex organs are a gift from God- but they are not to be used until a stage of maturity has been reached. The lack of maturity and the indiscriminate use of the organs of life and pleasure- at the wrong time- can de-rail an individual from achieving those levels of success- planned for them by and through the universe.

The doorway out of poverty – in America – are education and religion. Each must be studied and selected carefully- educations will give you a marketable trade – and religion – if it is not controlling – and designed to make you dumb- provides a guide for living. The universe – return back to you the essence of who you are. If you are dishonest and treat others with disrespect and contempt- you cannot enter into God’s kingdom. Earning the points of light and life is the reason for living – loving God and loving your neighbor are the basic requirements of kingdom entrance and living.

There are some who will achieve wealth through evil and selfishness- but they will soon lose the same wealth- God sustains the wealth when it is use to help others or to Her glory. The male and female qualities of our God – blesses all who serve His people. Wealth is God in circulation- it is God’s pleasure to help people learn the secrets of ending poverty and wealth. The plan is simple and has not changed. All cannot be born in wealth – but in America- some member of the family have followed the basic plan for survival. During the 1920’s – 9 million men and women of color left the southern lands- of the United States – for a better chance at life transformation. America is about living out the Resurrection in our lives. At times there are crucifixions and deaths – representing old ways of life. Poverty is a stage of crucifixion- and man must work his way through trips into hell on the way to his Easter and Resurrection- Joy comes in the morning- but there is a long period of pain struggle and death.

The first generation – in migration or immigration worked two or three jobs, went to night school – lived in one room – to make the best for the family. The second generation stays in schools and uses education and military service to define who they are and makes career choices for life. If you are healthy, mentally and physically, there is no reason for you to be living in poverty.

America is a second chance society – people come from all over the world – to experience this newest miracle of God on earth. You will be competing with developing world populations – who may not understand – why they traveled thousands of miles for the opportunity advantages- and people born here – appear not interested.

Turn your anger inward and you will become an addict or alcoholic, and engage in any activity, which seeks to destroy the self. Turn your anger outwards and you will engage in anti social behaviors and find friends in mental hospitals and or prison; both group have wonderful exciting and validated stories of injustice and mean spirited people in their lives. The life you lead – celebrates the script others wrote on your life as a child – and you carry their evil memory with you into history. Some things – people and events – need to die, so cuss the demon out – forgive him or her – for you – and get on with your own script. There is a field of magic – guided and influenced by the universe – containing the keys of success to the doors of possibilities – the blind are made able to see – the lame will walk and dead men will rise from the graves of Lazarus.

The decision to remain blind is yours; the decision to crawl through life and lay silently by the pool of possibility – lacking the courage to walk in – is yours. Poverty in America is mental death, and rising from ones death- bed takes a lot of resurrection work. First it is necessary to take bites out of what has been programmed to be forbidden fruit, take a big bite from the tree of knowledge, and learn the secrets of good and evil.

The forbidden fruit changes the dynamics of your life’s plan. Transformation takes place in the genetic molecules and you become one of the gods; the ones of privilege – and you glide through events not bothered by circumstances designed to keep you in your place. The purpose of keeping you in your place is to maintain the status- quo, social control and predictability. You become not what the social class of your sexual act determined you to be, but what the God of the universe expects you to be.

The God barrier you must cross yourself – but once you cross over, the angels welcome you. America is a land of hidden angels – ready to help all those who are willing to take the journey into the kingdom God has planned for you. In America the past does not predict the future, and the conditions of your fathers do not define the possibilities of your future – just don’t sabotage yourself.

People who have been abused in anyway, will subconsciously program into their mind a failure clause, which will make it almost impossible to get pass the death resurrection stage. Remember the most important event in Christian history, was not the death on the cross, but the resurrection from the grave, that is where life starts.


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