America is a different place. European social science will not work here. America was determined by individual and world events, not situations of birth and separation of classes. The high born and the low born became one people, one nation dedicated to doing a new thing in a new time and new space. Man was placed on a journey and the success of that journey did not depend on the wealth and privilege of his father. We beat our priviledged Anglo/ Saxon ancestors, and sent back to the mother land in defeat. We the fighting Scott Irish were determined to make something out of nothing and make sure no man would ever have to suffer what we suffered as slaves and servants to an oppressive class. We will and have made our mistakes, but as soon as we were able to free our African brothers also caught in the bonds of slavery, we set out, with the help of our Native American Indian sisters and brothers, to make this a land second to none, a vision still in the process of becoming.

The country contains the vision for America as set down by the Founding Fathers. The country is driven by its vision and not by its people. The people are often dragged kicking and screaming in to the future of a better hope for the country.

The people come from all over the world. They bring with them frustrations and prejudices. It is the Holy Spirit wrestling the devils of human nature, which makes this miracle called America work.

Sociologists are responsible for the entrance of racism into the American system. This group encourages the acceptance of class and difference, and relies on data from the past to predict future events. It is through the teaching and learning of social order theory that Americans learn who they are, and their place in society. Individuals in the society who succeed do it without paying attention to what the social norms of expectation are for individual of their social-economic or racial class.

There have been many theorists who have impacted the study of sociology and helped sociologists of today gain further knowledge on society of present. Three sociologists who have had major impact on sociology are Marx, Weber and Durkheim, each with differing theories on society, however all important in the present study of sociology, Marx, Weber and Durkheim all have strong relevance in sociology and without them sociology would not be what it is today. Class defined in the Australian Oxford Dictionary as a division or order of society is an issue that has been studied in depth by all three theorists, this essay will show the great impact from the theories and what sociologists believe what and how class is perceived today. Karl Marx the creator of Marxism, born in 1818 and lived until 1883”  So ideas such as socialism, communism, socialist, liberal or conservative, really does not work in the American mind, those are European terminologies from a different time and place, and developed out of different historical conditions.
 In America when we say goverment we are talking about something else, we are talking about American workers, each working in different jobs for the improvement of the society as a whole. Think teacher, doctor, hospital, school, fireman, sanitation, health care worker, transportation, construction, water and food safety when you hear the word goverment Emergency responders, a powerful military, at home and abroad, think of these when you think goverment and the American people. Marx, Lenin would not have understood the differences in the European people and the American people. European people entering into America may have years of adjustments before understanding the differences in systems and ideologies. In America, no one is considered better than anyone else, we all came here in the bottom of boats, some of us in chains, we just have poor memories.


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