About Us


The Research and Development Learning Center is an organization dedicated to Social Science Research and Theological Research. The organization has been in operations since 1975. The organization originally started as an educational enrichment program available to parents, children and religious institutions interested in advancing educational excellence from the nursery school through and including university studies.

Research in American Culture, and the American Educational System have been carried out through our leading Anthropologist and Educator. Research in Childhood Development and meeting the needs of the special child are available through the research department.

We are currently involved in Autism research, but our main focus is on developing educational programs, which encourage academic excellence in all children. The Center is particularly interested in identifying “Hidden Curriculums” in some educational institutions, which encourages some teachers to have low expectations in some children in some school districts. We encourage teachers to believe that all healthy children can learn regardless of class, color, race or economic circumstances. We help teachers to avoid the “Burnout,” which often occurs when the wrong preparation meets the reality of bright students. The Research department can provide material and technical support to help teachers stay on the job. The Center also provides tutorial services for individuals preparing to take state certification examinations.

Early Childhood specialist uses the theories of Piaget to help plan environments with positive learning experiences for young children. Students in grades 4 through 12 are given academic nurturing and tutoring to help them to achieve their very best in our excellent public school systems. Parents learn how to help their children prepare for college entrance examinations and learn how to plan financial programs, which will send funds ahead into the future to meet their children when they are ready for college. R and D has developed a program called “Getting In, Through and Out of College”, a program designed to help students make the transition from the public school world to the different world of independence and expectations.

Adults who are interested in completing their delayed education and return to college, or start for the first time are encouraged to use their life experiences as rich materials for writing creative papers required in English courses. A positive self – identity is encouraged, as adult students learn how to erase negative programming received from family, friends and society, and through hard work, discover the reality of their own true selves. Students are encouraged to re new their minds and think and work their way through success.

Believe, Work Expect is the motto of the Learning Center, and students learn how to believe beyond the apparent, work as hard as they can to achieve their best dreams, and then expect all they dreamed about and work hard to achieve to manifest itself in the reality of their lives. The Learning Center encourages excellence in thought and behavior, and believes that thoughts are things, and if you can think it you can achieve it, with smart work.

The Learning Center operates Nurturing Programs for public school teachers, designed to support dedicated teachers while giving them the opportunity to advance lesson planning techniques, Instructional Preparation and innovative Instructional Delivery skills. Teachers are able to order Classroom Management guides effective in teaching across class, culture and race. The Learning Institute, which also operates Summer Institutes, provides opportunities for middle and high school students to get an early start in STEM programs learning about sciences, technology, engineering and math. The institute also works with churches to provide teachers staff development opportunities in order to help dedicated staff to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Scientist and health care professionals invite students into their world in order to motivate them to consider these exciting careers. Through a summer of fun and learning, students and teachers work and play together in exciting environments. Teachers and students will together explore the wonderful learning opportunities available in the New Your City area.

We invite schools, churches and museums to share their space with us and become a partner. The organization helps churches to develop outreach programs to address the needs of the parent, the child and the school. Churches are encouraged to become Learning Centers in their communities. The Research and Development Learning Center seeks to build bridges between Educational Institution and Faith Based Institution developing ways in which they can work together, respecting laws, restrictions and diversity in order that the citizens of the United States of America will have the best prepared population for a rapidly changing world. The Center and its programs are American specific and relates to the American culture values as identified by the Founding Fathers of this great nation. Seeking always to identify the best that is within the American people and its traditional values.

The Center does not discriminate with respect to race, creed, nationality gender or sexual orientation. We regret however, that we are unable to accommodate individuals with challenging behavior needs or health concerns. The Learning Center does not adjust programs to meet challenging needs; it does however welcome all who are willing to give their best in tolerance, behavior and respect for all people.