75% of the presidents of the United States of America are Scott Irish men. The Irish have given us our greatest politicians and educators. Over 75% of the Europeans coming to the British North American Colonies were not free. These words are engraved on the walls of the Ellis Island Museum located in New York and New Jersey telling the world the truth about who we are. We all came here in the bottom of boats, and some of us in chains. We select our president from the lineage of the Irish because of the great sacrifice made by this group to our freedom and prosperity. First slaves and indentured servants, it was the Irish who are the unsung warriors of our nation. Rejected by the British, they laid the stones of the modern world’s greatest nation, dedicated to the ideas that no man is better than any other man, we come here as equals in the eyes of God. We do our struggle and hard times, but that struggle is for all men regardless of race, creed, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation. We are scrappy, and we will fight for our own rights and the rights of others. It is time to stop hidding the true American history, and release the songs of our brothers and sisters still trapped in the backwoods and hills of ignorance.

Africans get most of the attention in the Americas, but slavery in this part of the world was Irish before it was African. It was the Irish peasant who was  abused tormented and mistreated in the British North American Colonies later to become the United States of America. The stories of these brave men, women and children are seldom told in classrooms across America are eliminated from our present day media and institutions. These warriors fighting for the right to liberty and destiny brought the United States of America into being. What would a correction of this deliberately omitted do for the character of the United States; well for one it would place the blame on England for the epidemic of racism and classism still festering at the core of the American character. Knowledge of these truths would also shed light on why segments of the United States, traditionally non- minority, continue to experience economic neglect. There are no stories of free Irish slaves, and indentured servants after freedom with the success of the Revolutionary War. The American Civil War freed the African from the institution of slavery, and the foundation of a character of a people and the soul and strength of a nation is well spelled out in the rich and often painful stories of difficult journeys. Where are the Irish stories? Where is the acknowledgment of the nations education, religion and political institutions are the results, struggles, and contributions of the Irish. The freed Irish went into the hills and backwoods of states used as penal colonies for their ancestors. In the attempt to hide the untold pre- American history they deprive a people of the support systems available in the country. Suffering in silence, the slip into the status of the “other” America, the undeserving and hidden poor. The African America has color and a loud voice, so it is difficult to miss him. Some thing in the religion and culture of the hidden poor has planted the concept that poverty is the will of God, and no one should challenge God for better treatment. Bill Clinton is often called the first black president, because he worked his way out of the system of poverty and oppression, using his intellectual talents and determination, over came impossible obstacles. America places many obstacles in the path of African Americans, and over coming those obstacles has not only created great supportive institutions, but has also brought the best quality in the American people who stepped in to become the hands of God on earth in America.

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