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Education in America must be given away free. Individuals who are wealthy have the resources to pay for the information required for success in America. That is not Democracy. Use this program as a guide to help you as an adult return to college, and also help you guide your children through college. Giving educations away free makes America the place she is intended to be.

Getting In Through and Out Of College Adult Edition Series America is a second chance society; it is founded on the principle that everyone should have a chance at success. Education in America is like a conveyor belt; you can jump on at any point and jump […]

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Grand parents have an awesome responsibility in the lives of families and the emotional health of the country in general. The emotional health of our senior citizens and our youth determines the direction in which the country is heading. Grand parents can help in the field of religion and education. Churches need to become education centers rather than religious center of segregation and negative thought. College education in America should be free, and it should be free through religious centers. Many grand parents are professionally educated, it is time to give that education away for the benefit of the country. As seniors we are doing something wrong, and our middle class is suffering, it is time to do the right thing for all of America.

A few years ago I had an opportunity to   work with the members of the Martin Luther King Jr. Senior Center. I encouraged the seniors to discuss their life stories. I decided to tell mine. Reading over the story, I found that it related to many of […]

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America does not have any programs for her white poor, she does not acknowledge them, and many consider the poor trash. Black America was different, all are worthy. It is time for another civil rights revolution, this time include all of America, especially the third world forgotten peoples of Appalachia. Racism is a disease, which develops when the poor are neglected. Appalachia needs a Sharpton, a Jackson and a revision of the Fundamentalist Christian Church. We have rights for blacks, women, gays, elderly, children, handicapped, its time for rights for the Other America.

Black America must save the third world people located in the heartlands of America. America has her own third world people and they are poor, undereducated, angry frustrated and white. America ignores them and their cries for help. Churches place guilt trips on their minds, telling them […]

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